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Enron’s main Accountant turns on the top brass to save his own ass.

Richard Causey evidently didnt relish the idea of doing time so he is singing his ass off to the Feds regarding the other two bastards that were to be tried with him, founder Kenneth Lay and CEO Jeff Skilling. Their joint trials were to begin Jan 17th.

Causey is forfitting over 1.25 million bucks and agreed to 7 years in prison…if he really sings his ass off they will let him out in 5 years. The most his dumbass could of gotten for securities fraud was 10 years.

This shows me that the case against these three wasnt very strong. They needed one of them to turn on the others to get it done. Causey is a better snitch than Fastow since he didnt skim off millions like Fastow did.

God I hope these sumbitches get some real time…but methinks they all will cop only makes sense now.

Only in Bakersfrigginfield would people be this fucking stupid.

Its been out there for awhile..the story of a bunch of morons at the Red Cross call center here in town. They figured they could stick it to the man and get some free money..never realizing of course that who they were actually fucking were the victims of Katrina and themselves..if they were taxpayers that is…

Now the count is up to 49 idiots charged..they told their friends and neighbors about it and those assholes are now looking at prison time too..and I hope to GOD those bastards do some long hard time..its pathetic what they did…and felony dumb to use one of daddy’s ol sayings..

The link to the CNN story is here.

As a public service announcement..we present

The IVR Cheat Sheet.

I fucking hate those Interactive Voice Response call centers. Thats why so many people are unemployed dammit. I realize of course they are a neccessary evil..but that doesn’t mean I have to like em..or deal with them if I am extremely pissed and foaming at the mouth about something.

I will post this on the sidebar..and you can bet your ass I will use it.

It was on this day in 1992 that W’s daddy pulled a fast one.

That the FIRST Bush in the Whitehouse pardoned Casper “the ghost” Weinberger and five others for their roles in the Iran-Contra debacle. Casper was getting ready for his Jan 5th trial for lying his lil ass off to Congress about his knowledge of the arms sales to Iran and efforts by other countries to help underwrite the Nicaraguan rebels, a case that was expected to focus on Mr. Weinberger’s private notes that contain references to Mr. Bush’s endorsement of the secret shipments to Iran.The independent prosecutor, Lawrence E. Walsh, stated that he firmly believed the first Bush pulled the pardon card to protect his own ass. Walsh was investigating Bush for the “c” word..conspiracy. Bush, along with many of the Senior Reagan Whitehouse cronies conspired to lie and deceive Congress and the American public regarding the arms sales to Teheran, and the diversion of profits from those sales to help finance a covert weapons supply network to the contras, set up in 1985, AFTER Congress barred direct aid to the rebels.

Funny how everything eventually comes full circle aint it? Like Father, like son?

A link to the original NY Times article on the pardon and the lies and deceit from Bush #1 is here.

Coming soon: Abramoff becomes a big canary

According to NBC news Jack Abramoff is cutting a deal w/the federal prosecutors. He is scheduled to begin his trial in florida regarding the fraud he committed to purchase a fleet of gambling boats. His co-conspirator, Adam Kidan, has already cut a deal in that trial to toss Jackie A. under the bus.

Now Jackie is talking to the feds about who is dirty on Capitol Hill. Since his cronies are ALL Repubs, it stands to reason a whole lotta those good ol boys are shaking in their boots..specifically Delay. A piece from the MSNBC article: “The deal offered, say people close to the case: Abramoff would plead guilty in exchange for a reduced sentence — if he talks about his Washington connections, including former majority leader Tom Delay, R-Texas. “

Wonder if Tommy is smiling now. I know I am..

A link to the MSNBC article, although short is here.

The Washington Post has a more indepth article here. Slate’s James Harding has a nice piece on Jackie here.