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Blogging and Journalism..never the twain shall meet?

I love Doug Thompson’s Capitol Hill Blue, the world’s oldest Internet News Site. CHB pulls no punches and shows no favoritism to the left,right or nutjobs inbetween..I also enjoy Doug’s personal blog, Blue Ridge Muse. Doug had a huge meltdown of his servers last week and all posts from both sites were lost for a week. There had been several great posts on blogging that were lost from his personal blog. I had linked to one of them, doing my own post about Bloggers and Disinformation here. Doug had also done a post about Blogging and Journalism which was lost. I was in the middle of doing my own post after heavy thought about his when the meltdown occured. Doug has graciously reconstructed the latter post..THANKS DOUG!!! You can read Doug’s post that forced me to think long and hard about blogs and journalism here.

In Doug’s post, he takes issue with Bloggers that fancy themselves as Journalists. Doug has a right to state his beliefs, he’s been a Journalist forever..a good, balanced one in my humble opinion. A quote from Doug’s post: “In today’s Internet-driven world, people too often confuse bloggers with journalists. Some bloggers consider themselves journalists. Most, even those who aspire to be journalists, are not. They confuse opinion with facts, perception with truth and bias with objectivity.”

I understand his point, and since reading it last week, I find myself examining posts from other blogs that seem to feel they are contributing members of the news media. I sometimes think I am providing quality information on breaking news, or items which I deem news-worthy. What most bloggers do is analyze the news..not gather it. I am guilty of this as I have figured out thanks to Doug and his post. Opinion pieces are not news, but they are a small part of the whole process of reporting the news. There are a few bloggers like Doug, that are journalists..but the list is very very short. 99% 0f us are ranters,commenters or researchers. We need to remember that, and our place in the blog eco chain.

Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh…the right’s Jan and Dean?

I thought the lyrics I snitched from a Blah3 parody on Rush ‘fat ass’ Limbaugh would go well this fine Sunday afternoon with this shot of Krazy Karl. I got Karl’s cover from that killer chick Maru. Don’t ya know she’s short and to the point on her wonderful blog..linkage to her site is here and over on the sidebar. And now, without further ado..the Ode to Rushie 🙂

I’m waiting for my maid
Couple thousand dollars in my hand
She’s down at Denny’s, servin’ as my proxy
Gonna get me a big big box of Oxy
I’m waiting for my maid

Hey white boy, you got a mansion in Palm
That’s the wages from putting feminazis down
Ain’t nothing sir, when you’ve got talent from God
But my hands are shaking, don’t it seem kinda odd?
I’m waiting for my maid

Here she comes, she’s all dressed in black
Hurry up now, you got go clean up out back
She’s never early, she’s always late
How am I gonna make it through my next 3 hours of hate?
I’m waiting for my maid

Alone in my mansion, just laying in my bed
The whole place paid for by those stupid dittoheads
But now I’m cruisin’ on hillbilly heroin
And don’t you tell me hypocrisy’s a sin
I’m waiting for my maid

It’s time to holler, now watch me wail and shout
I’m feeling good, getting’ all this venom out
I’m feeling good, I’m on the attack
And if anyone asks, I’ll just say it’s for my back
I’m waiting for my maid.

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Another Repube caught with his hand in the cookie jar

Tsk, tsk..these guys in the Repube party are just so damn smarmy. I dare say its the norm in this administration. The former head of the FDA, Dr. Lester M. Crawford is in “hot water” according to several media reports,one of which is the NYT. He is under criminal investigation by a Fed GJ for selling stocks. This excerpt from the NYT write up stating either Lester or his wife: “had sold shares in companies regulated by the agency when he was its deputy commissioner and acting commissioner. He has since joined a Washington lobbying firm, Policy Directions Inc. “ Lester was only in charge for three brief months before he quit and became a lobbyist..Lester’s claim to fame is that he helped way-lay, on numerous occasions a pharmaceutical company’s request to make a morning after pill available over-the-counter. The Pill was known as “Plan-B” was manufactured by Barr Laboratory, and the FDA refused to rule on the company’s request, sparking a lawsuit which is still ongoing. Since Lester is having problems on the civil as well as criminal front, his attorney has advised him to take the fifth no matter who he’s talking to at this point…what a maroon.

Link to the NYT article is here.

Al speaks.

Al Gore has an interview up on Newsweek with Eleanor Clift here.

His last statement in the interview regarding the “issue” of global warming..its what I always say..this isn’t a partisan issue, global’s the responsibility of every human being.

….now,if you want to read what Eleanor says about Gore vs. have to go here.

Tomorrow Big March in NYC, Monday’s Immigration Marchs and Neil Youngs new Anti-War CD

Tomorrow is the day to be in NYC..wish I could afford to go 😦 If you live within driving distance, please go and support the efforts of over 20 Anti-War,Anti-poverty, Anti-Bush Regime activists and groups. I have the button for the march over on my sidebar, you can click it and get all the info..SUPPORT THE ANTI-WAR EFFORT!!! Its called the March for Peace, Justice and Democracy..we are very short on all three of those since the Shrub took office.

Monday (which is May 1st) in Bakersfield and other cities in the U.S. there are marches and rallys for Immigration reform. Most business’s owned by Immigrants that support reform will be closed. Here in the heart of Repube country there are lots of folks bitching about the show of unity that will occur Monday.. SCREW EM!!!! If only the progressives and liberals and everyone against the current adminstration’s bullshit could mobilize like the Immigration Reform groups have..we could really get some changes..or scare those rotten bastards enough to sit up and take notice. Every voice counts..when we voice our opposition in unison..its a voice heard round the world people..we DO make a difference.

Last but certainly not least..Neil Young has his new cd Living with War online. He or his people have a blog up here. I have it on my sidebar also. You can listen to his full cd there as well. I am listening to it now..its giving me goosebumps. God love ya Neil…I know I do..thanks for the CD and access to rock dude, in more ways than one.