Bush wants control of the National Guard

And the governors don’t like it. Bush has another of those “proposals” in Congress that would give him control of the National Guard without the Governor’s consent.

This administration is fucking losing it sportsfans..seriously. Its called the National Defense Act. The House has approved it.

But the Senate hasn’t. According to the AP wirestory here, The measure would remove the currently required consent of governors for the federalization of the Guard, which is shared between the individual states and the federal government.

The National Governors Assoc. has sent a formal opposition letter to the House leaders regarding this lil change.

The Shrub’s boyz are using Katrina as an excuse for this move. I call bullshit on this..and so does the NGA. Facism anyone?
EDIT: If you put this proposal together with the one I have below this one and add to that equation all the moves the executive branch has made since the beginning of the Shrub’s second term with regard to secrecy and executive powers…its as obvious as the nose on your or my face..they want to centralize complete control within the executive branch..wtf do you call that?


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  1. Well, instead of calling it fascism, would you prefer the National Defense Act, or the draft, or do we just sit here, call everyone back home, and let the fundamentalist muslims start attacking us on our home soil?There ARE choices, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t see the fascism in allowing the WH to take control of the National Guard when the guard is already at their beck and call.

  2. If they bring back the draft, then EVERYONE with a kid is going to come unglued.For the federal government to have total control over all forms of the military is a point of facism.The control is now shared by the state and the feds. Bush can not just take it, and I question why he needs it now. The feds are hiding behind the mess they made after Katrina and still continue to make down there today. Having the power to control the Nat Guard would not of changed anything down there.The states always give him what he needs..except when they are tired of the bs..as several states are in regards to the Shrubs request for troops to post on the border. States are saying No on that one..and he doesn’t like it one bit.

  3. Dusty,I read the story too, and I must admit to some mixed feelings.In the context of Katrina, there’s evidence to support the fact that the La. Governor and the WH argued about whether the Feds had the right to call the NatGaurds out and take control. Meanwhile, NOLA was going to hell in a soggy handbasket.If this had been anyone other than the Vacationer-in-Chief, I might have supported a move that essentially told to the La. Governor, “Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.”The problem is, I’m not so sure that the WH was having the argument so much as a way to get control of the situation as they were looking to create a scapegoat. It seems to me that if calling in the military to help was needed, and it was, then George could have just as easily called out Federal troops. If he’d done that, he would have ended up with a lot more credibility plus protection from anyone who wanted to criticize him for a lack of response. But, that’s hindsight and so is this bill.You’re right that the Governors almost always give him what he wants – with the possible exception of Katrina – so I’m not sure we need a law to address a problem that would have been easily solved by state AND Federal pols if they’d simply taken their thumbs out of their asses and acted.In other words, you can’t legislate to compensation for incompetent boobs and that is what this bill seems to be doing.

  4. I still think they are lying as to why they want control of the Nat Guard Poobie..I think that Katrina is a bullshit excuse..the real reason can be the border issue..states are saying No on his request for NG to deploy on the border..its a fact. Ahnold did it and so has several other states. Bush is a control freak as most dry drunks are. He doesn’t take well to being told “NO” and neither does Rummy or any of the rest. Its a control issue and they dont need to control the final vestiges of military that the states still hold. sorry ain’t buying this.

  5. They may say, it’s just for use in emergency situations like Katrina, but it can be used for protestors or people rising up to defend democracy. Bush must have gotten the script for V is for Vendetta. Too bad he didn’t see the ending.

  6. A wonderful tool for a power mad leader, whoever it might be, that is about to declare martial law.God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

  7. I think Dusty is right on this. This has nothing to do with Katrina. Federal troops would have worked just fine.This proposal fits with the twisted logic this admin applies to any legal or constitutional matter than limits this president’s powers.Control of the National Guard is just another way to keep the Iraq/Afghanistan/<>insert-names-here<> wars going without a draft.

  8. He has done such a good job with everything else. Why not give him the responsibility to handle everything else that happens?

  9. The word facism makes normal people uncomfortable. Thats too bad. We might not become a facist state, but we are on the road. Voting them out this November will help change what’s happening.This democracy is based upon three bodies of power and the Shrub wants to change that. Fuck that sumbitch..twice even.

  10. Unfortunatly, Dusty is most likely right about this.Asshat boy will never have enough power, and he’s very happy inching his way to Supreme Psycho Dictator.

  11. I agree with Dusty. We may not be a fascist state right now, but we are on the way. Using Hurricane Katrina as the excuse for this blatant abuse of power on Dubya’s part may get some of the American sheep on board with him, but I think the majority of us Lefties are beginning to see through all the bullshit he flings our way.

  12. Dusty…visit my site, left a little thank you of sorts for being the badass woman you are!

  13. I think Mr. Schantz said it best, so I will defer to him.

  14. “For the federal government to have total control over all forms of the military is a point of facism.”But the federal government DOES have total control over all forms of the military…this doesn’t make our government facist. It’s always had control. Regardless who’s in the WH, the commander-in-chief, regardless if he’s Clinton or Bush or whomever, he’s the man in charge.

  15. The Feds only control the national guard with the consent of the state governor. As I pointed out earlier, several governors have denied the Shrub’s request to send the NG to the border. This doesn’t sit well with the Shrub annon..Hence, I think this bs proposal to change that has ulterior motives.Local law enforcement is still controlled by the cities and counties, aka the police and sheriff depts.

  16. “The Feds only control the national guard with the consent of the state governor.”The National Defense Act would circumvent that ruling, in a sense, even though since we are at war, the rule that the state governor has to consent to the feds is a mere technicality.I don’t think this is an ulterior motive by the WH; it’s just a wake up call citing that our armed forces are seriously being strained right now, and because of the sensitivities about a draft, the president has no choice but to start tapping the national guard for duty overseas (it’s been happening since the war began).This’ll be a long, tough war, and it’ll go on, even if we get a Liberal in the WH, no matter what. We have to destroy our enemy.

  17. I love it when good Christians like Nonny there advocate genocide. They don’t hate us because we’re free, they hate us because we bomb the shit out of them, you paranoid freak!

  18. This is a Dangerous Time…and people not realizing it are just making it easier for the dismantling of our government and being turned into a Complete Military State…people need to read History- and read how Fascist States are created- PROTECTING THE GOOD AT HOME and PATRIOTISM and COMPLETE LOYALTY are always part of the scripts and people are always falsely persauded…and yeah those of us with kids have no intent of SACRIFICING OUR KIDS for these fuckers fake wars….( remember the Missing WMDs????) Time to wake up and smell the damn cofee and it does indeed stink.. ( and I don’t want to hear any crap about “the enemy” the enemy of MY People and MY Family is the fucker who stole the last tow elctions and is sitting in the whitehouse).

  19. OH, yeah and Ahoy matey- Nothing worse than Friggin Trolls on a Sunday nite disturbing this good ol’ Dusty Blog…take a hike anony…or go take a pill….but we are trying to have a real conversation , not a Paranoid the King is Great Crap conversation…go hang at Ayny Coulter’s she and her genocidal brain would LOVE your company…( and Dusty don’t be shy DELETE is a friendly Button).

  20. Annon..I am aware of what power of the Shrub has in “wartime” and yes, our NG has been doing time already in Iraq and Afganistan. Defeating the “enemy” as you put it is something that not everyone agrees on. Some of us think the GWOT is merely a ruse the current administration is using to justify many of the changes and spying activities the current administration is using against american citizens. There have been very few Al-Qaeda bigwigs captured or killed and the biggest one of all is still on the loose. Why is that? The military stated he was in Afganistan..but they couldn’t get him? Then Saddaam was harboring them and WMD’s..none of which has proven true either. There has been very few “wins” in the GWOT but lots of changes to our laws and policies in “its” name. As long as people make their statements in the fashion of annon..aka not personal attacks I welcome the dialogue with him. We have to find common ground and have a dialogue with the right/republicans,it is the only way to do it.I will not censure his views as long as he is civil..and he has been so far. I appreciate that he takes the time to post his views. If I censor him, I am no better than the Shrub.

  21. Dusty, your blog grows more powerful each time I come on here… wow.

  22. <>“The Feds only control the national guard with the consent of the state governor.”The National Defense Act would circumvent that ruling, in a sense, even though since we are at war, the rule that the state governor has to consent to the feds is a mere technicality.<>Chimperor worshipping apologists are either too naive, or too stupid (or both,) to even enter into a serious discussion with.We’re not “at war.” It isn’t my fault that the Congress simply will not insist on asserting itself and assuming the role the Constitution has laid out for it.Worshippers like the one I quote above would do well to view the examples of Ernst Roehm in Germany, and the fate of many Stalin backers in the USSR, for clues as to their own fates. Remove all the checks on the Chimperor and a worshipper is no safer than a perceived enemy.

  23. Thanks, Dusty. I will continue no personal attacks; your blog is interesting to the point where I’ve left all that stuff behind.However, the one thing that really catches me is when people assume that I am a Christian. Christianity comes in many different flavors. Although I believe in God, you’d never see me in any church. No, people, I am not a Bible-thumping born-again nor do I believe that it’s a man’s right to shove religion down someone else’s throat. I just believe in a higher entity and it is all good.JollyRoger: We ARE at war; it’s just not a conventional enemy we’re fighting. We’re fighting an enemy that, for the first time, isn’t afraid to die because they think they’ll have paradise afterward.Second, I am not a worshipper. Actually, I find flaws in Bush; he has made some serious errors that will place this nation in jeopardy. I’ll ignore the “other” poster. Too much anger there.

  24. Jolly Roger is right in the respect that if take a look at the beginning of Hitler and Stalinist Russia, we have many of the attributes going here. Its like the old adage:“If we don’t learn from history,we are doomed to repeat it.”You might not like the way he says it annon..but he loves this country as much as you do and he fears for its well-being as a Democracy. Putin was supposed to embrace Democracy. He has now cancelled elections and is moving away from a Democratic Russia which is ruled by the people. All of us for the most part, love our country. We want to be proud of it again. We don’t want to worry about the executive branch usurping power that it has no right to under the guise of the GWOT. The enemy isn’t within. All dissenters could become Japanese to this administration..you get my reference there right?

  25. Regarding Jolly’s statement, he has a point to a certain extent. We SHOULD be concerned about repetitives in history, but I just don’t see Bush becoming a dictator. He’s already on the way out, anyway, and to be honest, he’s not a very effective leader; I can even agree with that.

  26. Anonn..of course no one wants to believe between now and election day ’08 that the Shrub would have enough power to pull the rabbit out of the hat and cancel elections. He would have to be very very sure that the population and the legistlative and judicial branches would not rise up and smite his ever-loving ass into a prison cell. But the groundwork is being laid for him to take total control, ala marshall law of the entire country.Every single freedom he has usurped and each law he has broken has been under the guise of the GWOT. To harbor such paranoia against peaceful dissenters is outrageous!

  27. I wish someone would put a Hitler mustach on a picture of Pres. Bush.

  28. Anonymous..I have one of those pics of him.. 🙂

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