Food for thought, a film worth seeing on HBO.

First, the Spike Lee film on HBO. Its first run is two parts, Monday and Tuesday evening. “WhenTthe Levees Broke’ is about New Orleans after Katrina, the biggest most disgusting act of terror to hit our country this side of 9-11..and we can thank our federal government for most of it.

The Food for Thought is from Its an article up at Washington Monthly. The title is: Higher Power by Robert Dreyfuss. Its about the secret group put together by none other than the Shrub’s daddy’s favorite Fixer, Jim Baker. Baker has put together a bi-partisan group of folks to figure out how to save the Repubes and take the occupation of Iraq out of the mix. This group has been working in secret since March. It was created by Republican Frank Wolf, representative of VA. Wolf is the chairman of the appropriations subcommittee that funds the State Department. I know Baker is a freak, but he is just one person. A blurb from the article to peak your interest:

“Wolf’s motivation in creating the Iraq Study Group seems to be genuine concern that the war isn’t going well and that public support for it is evaporating. During his visit to Iraq, where he spent hours with U.S. military officers in the field, Wolf says that his eyes were opened. “Some of the things that were told to me, I had never seen before: the destabilization of the region,” Wolf told me. “Some of the scenarios that were given to me [included] the overthrow of the Saudi government, [along with both] the Jordanian government and the Egyptian government…. So I just felt, let’s take another look. And no one should be afraid of doing it.”

Finally, a repube that admits our current administration has bitten off more than it can chew and he’s willing to try something different. I am quite sure its stacked with some powerful Repubes but one I do admire is Sandra Day O’Connor. A centrist group is what is needed and hopefully this group named the “Iraq Study Group” will be able to figure out how to get us out of the shithole known as the occupation of Iraq. Of course people on the left side of the dial fear this is only to save the repubes in the presidential election year of 08, but to me, the goal of getting untangled from Iraq is vastly more important than who is going to sit their white ass in the Oval Office next time around.

The article is a great read, very long and even I havent’ finished it yet. I gotta lay down for a bit. Have a good Sunday night, watch Deadwood, only two episodes left..and don’t forget about Spike’s film on HBO tomorrow and Tuesday night.. TIVO or DVR it..if only to remember that the Shrub and his yahoo’s should all rot in hell for what happened to the people of New Orleans, and still continues a year later.


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  1. Sorry, no HBO, or TiVo, for that matter. It will eventually make it to the videostore, so I’m not worried (sure to be good, as most things Spike Lee has done I’ve enjoyed). It seems the Republicans have drifted away from the original message of less taxes and government (okay, maybe not the less taxes thing. At least not for their base.)as well as a <>laissez faire<> attitude as far as the government peaking in to people’s personal lives as well. That’s what happens when you team up with the religious fright.

  2. Baker has a group which consists of all the this point I will take a centrist position over a righwing nutjob’s such as those that currently populate our executive branch.

  3. NO HBO for me either. I’m cheap like Scannon! Tell us about it. ok?

  4. Ah, yet another infamous “Spike Lee Joint” and this time it’s Spike Lee acting like Michael Moore, telling viewers of the movie that never made it to the box office that the whole Katrina thing was a massive Republican scam set in order to drive out blacks from New Orleans in an outrageous attempt to “de-chocolateize” the big easy.Please.It’s so sad when leftist film directors spin the hell out of a natural hurricane, even lie about it, and then make a lousy attempt at distorting the truth. What is MORE disgusting is that the leftist sheeple fall for it each and every time. Boy, liberals are a lot dumber than I gave them credit for earlier. THIS IS WHY WE WILL NEVER SEE A LIBERAL ELECTED OFFICIAL IN THE WHITE HOUSE, PEOPLE.Katrina wasn’t a terrorist act…I am quickly losing respect for you because you are falling for crap junk like this. Jeez, get your head out of your ass, Dusty. This isn’t becoming of you one bit, unless you’ve already bought land in the everglades or already own a piece of the Brooklyn Bridge.Do you read the Weekly World News rag found in the check out lines at your local grocery stores? You should, because that illicit crap is more believable than the trashy shit that Spike Lee spews out.I wouldn’t waste my money seeing this clown’s garbage. Spike Lee must be smoking some really good shit!

  5. Ask me if I care Steve? Your rants against the perceived Leftwing bias in everything is ridiculous and frankly, very paranoid. You haven’t even seen the movie but of course you know what its about and what its trying to sell..How pathetic and paranoid is that Steve? You have already made up your mind, so take your closed-minded bs and go away.

  6. I don’t have HBO right now (I canceled that part of our cable until Sopranos starts up again), so I’ll miss this movie.However, I saw two interviews with Spike, one on This Week and the other on CNN this morning. I’m glad he is doing his part to keep the story going. I think it is so un-American to have one of our cities devastated and not have good leadership working to restore the city, in whatever shape that will take.

  7. I agree Joe..our government, both the local in LA. and the federal..did very little to care for the people left behind in Katrina’s wake. Its disgusting on every level that people were dying days after the hurricane went through.. I still do not understand how the journalists could get their stories to their offices but our goverment couldn’t get help to the thousands of people suffering and dying.

  8. Either I have absolutely nothing in the world to do tonight, but in approx. nine minutes, that Spike Lee joint is coming on, so I’ll cut you guys the slack and will watch it. grrr. My wife is giving me a wierd stare.

  9. have restored my faith in rightwingers everywhere..thank you..I will watch it too.

  10. there are times i wish i paid for hbo. someday maybe. thanks for the psa even though your back is kicking up. feel better.

  11. Ok, I watched the first part so I guess the 2nd is on tomorrow night. I gather this is when Spike maneuvers into the conspiracy theory that the levees were purposely blown up by the feds. This can’t be true…I cannot fathom how people can turn on Bush because of a damn hurricane.WHY IN HELL didn’t those people GET OUT when they were TOLD to leave?WHY were there parking lots FILLED with school buses, when the people needed those buses the most? Why didn’t Blanco authorize the use of those buses?I was surprised to learn that Mayor Nagin actually voted for the Republican governor instead of Blanco, and it was interesting to note how Blanco rejected Nagin from the onset. Good part in the movie when they started to talk how politics came into play and how the power struggle ensued between Nagin and Blanco. What a lousy governor.I know and agree that the feds took too long in getting there, but let’s face it – this catastrophe was beyond anything imaginable.My only gripe is how movie directors can bend the truth around. Did you notice the several cuts in the dialogue?

  12. Steven..everyone got out but the poor, the sick and the people without cars and family to go to…Nagin said that the city of new orleans has a huge population that relies on public transportation..who were they supposed to leave? Where were they supposed to go? Get a grip. they addressed the rumor about alledgedly blowing the levees..did you get up for a brew then? Nagin fucked up Blanco fucked up and Bush fucked up..they all fucked up Steven..and that was addressed. You even heard a black man bitch that Nagin was more worried about alerting the business community than the citizens..everyone has blame in this Steven..don’t get all defensive..When the Radio announcer broke down and started crying..thats when I broke down was more than I could bare, his frustration, his pain at what happened to his city and its people..Steven..people were dying in the Superdome 5 days after katrina hit..thats not right any way you look at it..I think the second part is going to be about what is happening the Feds closed down the FEMA office already..they did it months is that about? The city isn’t even close to rebuilding, much less housing the people that want to return.

  13. OK! I admit it – I DID get up for a heineken and sat outside with my guitar for about twenty minutes taking a break from the movie. At that point I think I was just bored and I had a tune in the back of my head that I had to work out.New Orleans is in a quagmire because companies can’t find places to house the workers. I was seriously considering a contract with Haliburton where I’d be one of the foremen laying out the new network infrastructure in the city and making sure that it was done right. Only problem is, they didn’t have any place for us to stay. We were ready to go within two weeks. I was even willing to say goodbye to my family for six months and live in a tent but the whole contract fell through because the mayor had another company outbid Haliburton’s offer.Maybe the engineers will be smart and just landfill the entire area that was flooded. That city was an accident waiting to happen. the origin to blame would be the engineers that wanted to build a city that is lower than sea level in the first place. It’s pretty stupid when you think about it.Blame comes at all directions, and what really frazzles me was the fact that those school buses never rolled out. they could have been used to get people out of there, too.And, what about that county that wouldn’t allow people to cross that bridge, and held them at gunpoint, telling them to go back? Not cool at all.I’m headed down that way next summer for a vacation when mum and dad come over from the UK. My brother lives down that way, so we’ll be having our family reunion of sorts down there. He lives in Mississippi.

  14. They didn’t even talk about the prisoners or the bed-ridden in hospitals..alot of deaths there too..All because Nagin couldn’t get his head out of his ass and Blanco didn’t do anything either..Thanks for watching it wasn’t one-sided now was it?

  15. It sort of leaned that way, especially when they had people like Belafonte being interviewed. We all know how much Belafonte hates conservatives, so of course, any time he speaks, he always has something bad to say about us. He went to visit the Venezuelan president who has already threatened the US more than once.Why do liberals go to visit places where our enemies reside? This is one reason why we are so suspicious of liberals.Surprised Spike Lee didn’t have Led Zeppelin’s song playing in the background at the beginning though. That would’ve been pretty cool.

  16. “ have restored my faith in rightwingers everywhere..thank you..I will watch it too.”That got me thinking…we’re not all that bad. Too bad liberals and conservatives can’t come to common ground with some things and make things work better. I wish I could start up a group like that, but there’d be bickering from the onset.The only time I remember when libs and cons came together was the day that the House all sang “America the beautiful” the day after sept. 11th….we were a unified nation that day. I could feel the love back then.

  17. I think there are plenty of well meaning people across the political spectrum. I think we need dialogue and talk about complex issues without making them partisan. I have checked out this site on occasion that has some good ideas.

  18. Thanks Joe..I will check it out..the forum I use that has both types of folks is Bring it On! They have intelligent discussions daily about important issues..of course I don’t think we ever change the other sides mind..either side..but it is a good feeling to be able to discuss without getting nasty.I have to admit however, that I get snarky with one specific righty..H.Evers drives me up a wall because he is so fucking condescending..You guys should check it out:

  19. Thanks, I’m checking it out right now.

  20. “I have to admit however, that I get snarky with one specific righty..H.Evers drives me up a wall because he is so fucking condescending..”Grr, I thought I’d be taking all that credit, LOL!

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