Bakersfield cop doesn’t pass Review Board on shooting uninvolved citizen.

First, the officer has had 7 previous shooting incidents reviewed. For a city the size and population of Bakersfield, CA.. that is quite high in my humble opinion. My uncle, a 30 year veteran of the LAPD, the last 10 in the gang detail, didn’t have that many his entire career. This last one didn’t pass muster, however, unlike the previous 7 for Sergeant Scott.

He fired his weapon in an apartment complex and one of the bullets went through an exterior wall and wounded someone in an apartment. If that wasn’t bad enough, they also busted his nads about the methods he used to corral and stop the vehicle: “Police also said Scott violated the department’s Emergency Vehicle Operations Policy by using unapproved blocking and ramming techniques”.

The police report on the issue does state he passed all state and federal laws with respect to guidelines for using deadly force. That’s comforting…He still fired his weapon in an apartment complex. It was one of three bullets he fired at the fleeing suspect. There were four suspects total. According to the writeup in the local rag, The Bakersfield Californian: “Police said Scott “used poor judgment in the discharge of his firearm within close proximity of an occupied residential complex.”

They don’t say if they recovered a weapon from any of the subjects. The subject, who was 16, was later found at his home. This article from one of the local tv stations states the kid was not involved in the alleged armed robbery for which Sergeant Scott was chasing him.

Shoot first and ask questions later.. The suspect was fleeing, the other 3 did not resist. It wasn’t as if he confronted the cop or burnished a weapon.

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  1. OK I can see your concern here an innocent man was shot and the guy was shooting at the wrong suspect major fuck up he needs to fired cha-ching for the vicitm I smell dollars coming out of this.But on the other hand I live in the general area where the shooting occured and it has become a goddamn war zone. Violent drugged up criminals are taking over a once quiet and family friendly area. Its still a family friendly area if you know someone involved in the criminal professions but for honest citizens trying to live a peaceful life it is getting increasingly difficult. For example I looked in the direction of 15-16 year old girl who was riding in a car and she yelled what are you looking at? Like she was all about something. She was riding with a carload of gangsters and what could I do? I’m not allowed on the streets in the neighborhood where I own a home? I could see the hate rolling out of her eyes all because I glanced over at her at a red light. These little punks are out of control and the cops know they need a foot put in their ass it just so happens this cop tried to put his foot in the wrong ass at the wrong time and missed and hit somebody totally uninvolved. There has to be a level of frustration for the police out here that we can not understand. This has always been a law and order community unlike modern LA where the cops are so outnumbered they could start a riot at any minute by doing something to stop a crime in progress instead they choose to clean up the mess. Our boys in blue try to take a little more pro active role. The guy fucked up and he needs to be fired but every other shooting had to have been righteous or he wouldnt be on the roll. I wish the entire community could come together and stop all this violence and that the adults responsible for these children would step up and take responsibility for their fuck ups instead of always blaming everybody else. Why was a 16 year old even out that late on a school night. It may be a bad shooting but it sends the message that most folks are fed up with these starter kit gangsters and the cops in Bakersfield arent fucking around. Maybe the next time a cop tells somebody to stop they’ll do it. I am hardly in love with the BPD I think they are arrogant self righteous cowboys but I know when the shit goes down they’re gonna do something other than pull back and re-group and that helps me to sleep at night. Sorry for being so long winded. I have a lot of mixed emotions about law and order.

  2. 7 friggin other occasions..he fires his gun way more than normal, even the tv station admitted that tonight John. Did they find the gun? I haven’t seen anywhere that they mention if the suspect had the gun. If the cop saw a gun, thats puts a different slant on it. The paper is whitewashing it and just putting out the bare minimum dude..I have read rumblings that the Review board never finds their shootings against the rules, thats why the whole citizens review board was up in arms awhile back. Look, I live in Sheriffs land..the OD..don’t tell me about shitty neighborhoods. If neighbors got involved and I do, things start turning around, at least on my block. I can’t speak for BPD, I only know what I read, and there isn’t alot out there when a cop shoots his gun in this town unless someone dies.I think this cops caught everyone’s attention because this cop isn’t new to pushing the envelope. I believe in strong law enforcement, as long as its not abused and I am not saying this cop did, I am saying I want more information and its being whitewashed as much as possible in the media.hey, no problem about the long rant..thats what we are here for :p

  3. California state law grants the police officer the right to shoot a fleeing felon. No gun required. The departmental policy may be different. This driver who was shot is indeed a felon if he was driving over 90mph and going the wrong way on the street and evading police. I dont know how much coverage this thing has recieved but it looks as if its gonna get a lot more. Of course its not that bad over here in the s.w. yet but what I have personally witnessed over the past 10 years is a definite decline just by the fact every tom dick and harry is some kind of badass scarface mofo with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. I could go into a whole lot of reasons for all this but then I would actually have to tackle the issue thats at the core of the whole problem and that is America is declining morally and that would lead to politics and religion. I really dont blame the Islamic world for hating our guts due to our moral decay, I being among the guilty. It’s Time for a bong rip a shot of wild turkey and some porno.

  4. I dont know anything about his previous shooting situations but I bet they involved felons in the commission of a crime.

  5. I will join you in the drink and a smoke..I will not assume anything about this cop or our system of reviewing situations. I can’t, I don’t know enough about them since as I said..they whitewash the shit out of them here. The system needs to be more open and provide more information or the press needs to report it..I don’t know which. This one just smells dude..But it’s just a sympton of our societys problems. I can only speak to what has been reported. We need more transparency on this shit..thats all I am saying.

  6. And as for what has been reported this cop is way too trigger happy..and also there is the writeup about his battering ram tactics or what ever you call what he did with his vehicle.One stupid cop doesn’t make the whole force look bad. It does make the system look bad when it allows him to discharge his weapon that many times and not be riding a desk.

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