1 out of every 25 weapons sent to Iraq for Iraqi security forces are unaccounted for.

Such a nice way to start the week..reading this report from the Inspector General about how our government ISNT tracking the weapons we send to Iraq. If you do not wish to slog through the entire report, the NYT is glad to provide you with the horrible details here.

Talk about a nightmare..our own soldiers could be killed or maimed by our own weapons. It literally makes me physically ill to think about it. I have always wondered how the “insurgents” were so well armed..perhaps this is why?

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  1. Ole Blue The Heretic

    I wonder if the lost weapons are with the lost WMD. HHmmmm

  2. I think so..the insurgents are having a helluva time since we got there..all the weapons you can haul off..

  3. Well, I think they’ve already proven that accounting and accountability aren’t their strong suites.

  4. hell, how do we know that they are not being armed as well by shit that Reagan and Israel was sending them in the 80’s?

  5. We don’t Mike..and I would bet that most of the weaponry is US made..and easy to come by..

  6. The unit I was in was missing a tank. Something about driving it into a swamp in Louisiana so they didn’t have to tow it back after it broke down. We had one tank with no markings that we moved into formation for each company during inspections.

  7. For the love of god a missing tank? And they just used a generic tank during inspections? how nice….

  8. I thought it was an endearing story of overcoming missing equipment to survive inspection

  9. well, they are corrupt and inept at everything else- why should this be any different? i think that the dems are going to win and then take a look at stuff on november 8- and run screaming into the night. where the hell do you start cleaning up all of the messes?

  10. Me4..I forgot your tongue in cheek personality..forgive me :pBetmo..where the hell DO they start if they win? Its all a massive clusterfuck.

  11. yea, I posted about this, too.so far, I have received only one nut job commenting.

  12. My resident nutjob must be off this week Mike 🙂

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