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Troops signing petition to get out of Iraq

As this WaPo article discusses, and Keith Olbermann interviewed one of the soldiers who signed last night, over 100 soldiers who were or are in Iraq have signed a petition urging our withdrawal from Iraq.

The soldiers are making use of a legal protection afforded by the Military Whistle-Blower Protection Act, which provides that members of the military, acting in their capacity as citizens, can send a protected communication to Congress without reprisal.

The group, which aims to collect 2,000 signatures and deliver the “Appeal for Redress” to Congress in January, is sponsored by antiwar activists including Iraq Veterans Against the War, Veterans for Peace and Military Families Speak Out.

It has to take a ton of courage to sign such a petition while still on active duty in Iraq, as some evidently are. Whether you agree or disagree with their views, you have to give them a hat tip to take such a drastic step which could make life very difficult for them with regard to their superiors and other soldiers who do not hold the same view of the situation in Iraq. Even if they aren’t still in Iraq, if they are in the military this surely wouldn’t make them popular. They also walk a very thin line that could put them at odds with the UCMJ.

Part of the interview Keith Olbermann did with a soldier that has signed the petition:

OLBERMANN: This would seem to be a very drastic, risky step for an active-duty Marine to take. Let me begin by asking you what compelled you to make this decision, to take this decision? Was there something specific about the war in which you have fought that you find objectionable?

MADDEN: The only thing about the war that I don‘t like is, the more I find out about it, the less I like the war. I oppose the war because there is no benefit to the parties involved, including the American service members, the Iraqi people, and the American people. There‘s—it‘s a war for no benefit, in my eyes.

OLBERMANN: Let me ask you for your reaction to a comment that was made yesterday by the White House press secretary, Tony Snow, who was asked about the letter-writing campaign. He said not only that it‘s, quote, “not unusual for soldiers in a time of war to have some misgivings,” he also said that you and the other service men and women involved are, quote, “going to be able to get more press than the hundreds of thousands who have come back and said they are proud of their service.”

That would seem to imply, or he would be seemingly implying there, Sergeant, that you‘re not proud of your service. Is that the case, or is that statement a gross mischaracterization of how you feel about your service?

MADDEN: I think a gross mischaracterization is as well as you can put it, Keith. I feel that I‘m participating in democracy, and that‘s what citizens of a democratic land should do. And if Mr. Snow has a problem with that, then he should know that I feel I‘ve protected democracy more by appealing to my congressman than I did when I defended Iraq.

OLBERMANN: But you are personally proud of what you did in Iraq, and what your fellow servicemen did, in terms of your service to your country?

MADDEN: I‘m proud of serving with fellow Marines. But I oppose the war. The only reason I got up to work every day was to help my Marines, to help the Marines next to me.

OLBERMANN: That‘s a pretty damn good reason.

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New Video that slaps the Shrub with his "Stay the Course" mantra

Vote for change. Give the other party a shot as fixing the fuckups. Thanks to Tom W for this link.

Enron’s CEO Skilling gets 24 years

Since Jeffrey is in his early 50’s..that is basically a life sentence. Perhaps the thought of spending the rest of his natural life in prison is what drove Jeffrey Skilling to get his second drunkenness charge since the fall of Enron.

Putting Skilling behind bars for 24 years and making restitution of 50 Million to the people who lost their savings wont put much of a dent in the debacle that was Enron. It won’t bring back my friend who died in a car accident as a result of the friggin daily blackouts when Enron was pushing up the price and availablity of energy to Californians. Putting Skillings worthless ass behind bars won’t give too many people solace.

But the government calls it a victory. The real victory was the law passed to prevent this kind of problem, the Sarbanes-Oxley law which provides more oversight on how big corporations are audited. The foxes will hopefully no longer run the henhouse.

And we all paid a least every Californian, every investor, everyone associated with Enron. The worst part is this:

Skilling still refuses to admit any wrongdoing.

As the CEO, he was the topdog. Who does he plan to blame for this horrible fiasco? We will have to wait and see, because it is a sure thing that Jeffrey Skilling will not go quietly into that prison cell. He will take this all the way to the Supreme Court..thats one thing you can take to the bank.

California’s Prop 90 is not what is says it is.

The folks backing Prop. 90 have their own self-interests at stake if this proposition passes. It’s worded to sound as if it protects and reforms eminent domain. It does neither according to a Working Assets/Act for Change newsletter:

“The way Prop. 90 works is simple. Anytime our government wants to protect open space, prevent an inappropriate development, save an old growth forest, or restrict offshore oil drilling, Prop. 90 would empower hordes of people to sue the government and collect compensation if they feel their properties, businesses or any potential future profits have been compromised.”

These propositions have been making the rounds all over the United States. They are paid for by land developers and big corporate interests. On the other hand, these are the groups that are fighting against the passage of Prop. 90:

Homeowners. Small businesses. Farmers. Environmentalists. Teachers. Taxpayer watchdog groups. Businesses. Organized labor. Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Public safety Officials. Civil rights groups. More than 200 of California’s most well-respected and leading organizations are all united in their strong opposition to Prop. 90.

The Bait:Prohibits use of eminent domain unless the property acquired is owned and occupied by a governmental agency. This provision is the bait in the taxpayer trap. Everyone agrees some reform is needed, but Prop. 90 goes beyond reform and would prevent construction of new schools, transit systems, infrastructure and parks.

Don’t buy into the hype. Read the small print, and look at who is supporting Prop 90 before you vote. Check out the fact sheet on the Vote No on 90 website here.

Iraq 4 Sale-The War Profiteers is on Google Video

The link to the google full length version is here. The movie is 1 hour 15 minutes long. Its worth the time, dear reader. Its worth it see the first person interviews and stories from the men and women that went over to Iraq as civilians. They thought they would be safe, they thought they were helping to rebuild Iraq and provide support for the soldiers.

All reasons they were given to signup to go were lies. They went there to fill the coffers of the carpetbaggers.

Carpetbaggers like Halliburton, CACI, Blackwater, KBR and Titan made a millions upon millions in profits. They screwed the taxpayers and their employees without blinking a proverbial eye.

Download it and watch it later..just friggin watch it. Because then you will know the real reason behind the war in Iraq. No one will convince me otherwise. Bush went over for profiteering and oil. He knew Americans would eventually get tired of want out, but until then…the cash is flowing boys and girls.