After Downing Human Rights/Impeachment March Dec 10th

Human Rights/Impeachment for Peace March and Rally

Speakers: David Swanson co-founder, Col. Ann Wright, one of three U.S. State Department officials to publicly resign in direct protest of the invasion of Iraq in Mar. 2003. Gold Star Family for Peace: Carlos and Melida Arredondo, whose son Alex was KIA in Iraq. Elizabeth De la Vega, author of U.S. v. Bush, Dr. Dennis Loo, co-author of Impeach the President: The Case Against Bush and Cheney. Rae Abileah, Code Pink. Geoffrey Millard, National Guardsman and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War 2800 person march, from DeLaGuerra Plaza to Stearns Wharf/East Beach and take their place next to the cross that corresponds to the death of a US Soldier who died in Iraq. At 3:30 we will have a ceremony and all work together taking down the Arlington West Crosses.

December 10, 2006
From: 12:00 PM until 05:00 PM


De La Guerra Plaza, Santa Barbara City Hall, between State and Anacapa Streets, downtown We will be chartering buses from SLO to SB and another from LA/Orange County. E-mail me if you are interested in ride sharing.

This is the one closest to me. I will be attending. If you wish to be active on this date, check to see what is in your area here. Thanks for doing your part!

About Dusty, hells most vocal bitch

I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

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  1. Will do.You got tagged. See my blog for details. 🙂

  2. Do you want some company? I got an email about it and wondered if you’d want to go.

  3. I’ll check it out and see if there is anything going on near me. Thanks for posting about this as I had not heard about it.

  4. Check you weekly. First time comment because HCG leads me like a bull on a nosering.Thanks for the Roger Waters. Excellent!

  5. Hi Dusty Enjoyed the song! I just want to say that I post pretty much daily on a place you must be aware of. I think some of these people may be interested in joining you at City Hall as they too care and are from Santa Barbara. Are you familiar with the group from Sozadee? Anyway it is Wonderful caring Woman here!

  6. Awesome! There is an event in San Diego…although it wouldn’t take much to get me to take a road trip to Santa Barbara!

  7. Hey folks..feel free to pass the info around. The more around the US participating..the merrier!

  8. Dusty, <>girl<>, stop by my new blog. I have a surprise for you. 🙂

  9. surely are full of surprizes m’dear 🙂 Thank you for including me.

  10. oops..I meant HCG..its late and I am crying throughThe Green Mile..

  11. The Green Mile. <>L.O.V.E.<> that movie. And you’re welcome.

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