Bush and Maliki greet, meet and repeat.

They both agreed to appear in public this morning (its morning over there now) and put on a united front. Whether these two heads of state really saw eye to eye on anything is another story and one they wouldn’t tell us publicly if their miserable lives depended on it.

They agreed that partioning is not an option. BFD, they both have been saying that all along. Maliki stated, per this MSNBC article:

“We are ready to cooperate with everybody who believes that the need to cooperate with the national unity government, especially our neighbors,” al-Maliki said.–Which means he wants to make nice with Iran and Syria. This isn’t news either for christ’s sake. Maliki did get a shot in about the inability to arm and equip the Iraqi security forces. This is a legitimate concern according to previous reports within the MSM.

Our man Bush, used his favorite new slogans during the press conference. Ones we have come to know and hate with a burning passion. Lines such as:

“He’s a strong leader who wants a free and democratic Iraq to succeed,” Bush said.And another of my personal fav’s: “We’ll be in Iraq until the job is complete, at the request of a sovereign government elected by the people.”

So, basically..notta friggin’ thing was said publicly that hasn’t been mouthed before. We will have to wait for someone to leak the internal memo of the meeting I guess…sigh.

The last quote, and last line of the article really gives the whole press conference a nice wrapup: “Bush said he wanted to begin troop withdrawals “as soon as possible. But I’m a realist because I understand how tough it is inside of Iraq.”

Ok, did he really think anyone with half a brain cell would buy that he is a “realist”? LMAO!

The abrupt cancellation of the Wednesday meeting was explained in different ways by various minions of Bush. What really happened, according to the Los Angeles Times is apparently Maliki and Jordan’s King Abdullah II met privately and told Georgie not to bother showing up..they didn’t need his words of wisdom. Of course the official version is that this was not a snub..yeah..ok.

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  1. No matter. That it seems that Bush & Co have been leaking info to get out about this only clarifies the depths they go to to dismiss his inability to do anything ; (What can be said different than what has already been said while he’s been in office?It’s not good to leak, unless we do it? ; (Yikes, is all I can say ; (((((((

  2. “that and toilet paper..”LOL

  3. He meant to say that he was realistic. Not that he is a realist, he just looks real

  4. I think Maliki will be yanked out of power fairly soon. I think the meeting was to gauge his attitude towards our plans, wants and desires. Once they see he doesn’t give a shit about what WE want..they will get someone else in there as PM.

  5. Did Bush kiss him. That is always a sign that you are about to be whacked.

  6. I think we can all just post Bush Sucks on a daily basis from here on out. There is nothing the man can do other than resign that would be good. He is stuck in his own rut and will never get out.

  7. Bush has got to go. He must either resign or forcibly be removed from office.He is a danger to our Nation. He is putting us at more risk rather than protecting us.

  8. OK, first thing…the headline. Award-winning. Great. Fabulous. Can you tell I love it?And I’m with you. Of course it wasn’t a snub. Not at all. Just a bitch-slapping. Again. 🙂

  9. Attention..Kmart shoppers!Bush is a huge bag of batshit..and anything that comes out of his mouth..is bullshit extraordinaire. He thinks we are of the same ignorant brand of mentality that he is…and therefore his bs works on us.Its up to us to prove that lying sack of sheepshit wrong..is it not?The prosecution rests its case.

  10. I think a coup is imminent ( or a tragic car accident ?)either way I think Malaki is toast- and Hadleys leaked memos basically were the first piss on his fate….but good for him for standing up Bush…

  11. I heard another interpretation of the Wednesday snub. Essentially the pundit was saying that Maliki was asserting himself. He showed Bush and the world that he can make decisions and he will see Bush when he wants. So not exactly a snub, but more of a political move. Word on the street is Maliki was pretty tough with Bush during the meeting. Bush’s list of friends is getting shorter and shorter. btw, I was having a really hard time loading your site for the last month or so. It seems to be better now.

  12. PT..I think that was part of the equation as well for Maliki.E4E, I don’t think it has to be that drastic..the way they kidnap folks over there..it wouldn’t be hard to get rid of him in a number of ways.

  13. Bush is running out of friends for sure…and Maliki had better watch out for the polonium…heh!

  14. I think Maliki is on his way out..but at this point..its a tossup..two out of two heads of state have sucked so far in Iraq.

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