Saddam will be hung by Sunday

Seems the Iraqi’s are in a big hurry for Saddam to meet his maker, plus they don’t want to ruin their upcoming religious celebration. Updated article on MSNBC here.

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  1. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Bush should not want to see this happen…because he’s on the same playing level in my opinion.

  2. Remember Noriega? Bush the elder helped him prior to becoming preisdent, then didn’t like him and had him taken out of office.A bit “ironic” that GW has his own Noriega.He’s also just as, maybe even more guilty in what he has/has-not done ; (

  3. Dusty, I had to come by and thank you for dropping by my wife Sheri’s blog with your kind words. Thanks again!

  4. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a bidding war between the “news” networks for exclusive broadcast rights. I’m sure that if it doesn’t turn on on DVD in time for the Super Bowl, it’ll be on youtube by the end of January.

  5. I am surprised that Saddam hasn’t shown documents that say where he got the weapons he used and who helped him rise to power. Wouldn’t the US be accomplices by supplying weapons knowing what they are capable of if used. I am not blaming us, but I just think we can’t live in denial like we are innocent bystanders to the crimes Saddam is convicted of. I do think Saddam should die, but I think the way it is being handled is wrong. Were Saddam’s actions illegal under Iraqi law at the time? He committed crimes against humanity and I think he should face some type of world court.

  6. Lew..I am sure it will be online in some form..Al-Jazeera most likely?Me4..Trying him at the Hague evidently made too much they couldn’t kill problem, your wife is a good person 🙂

  7. And. . .the deed is done. . .

  8. oh yeah..and the world is showing it non-stop..thank god for 24 hr news channels..NOT!

  9. Do you get the idea that being friends with anyone named Bush is a road straight to Hell in a hand basket? I just wonder what Saddam knew about past American adventures. You know. That infamous picture of Saddam shaking hands with Little Donny Rumsfeld? In a lot of ways the trial was nothing more than an over-glorified hit. A legal way for the Bush Administration which pulled most of the strings, to eliminate a potentially embarassing or even incriminating source of information.

  10. The U.S made Saddam and they finished him..full fucking circle.

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