Bakersfield Soldier’s religious beliefs clash with his job.

When I saw the story on KERO, it made me sad. People have no right to judge a man who went when he was told to go to war. Even if he supports the war, he can feel as he does, which isn’t my concern btw, he can stand for or against the war, its his right as an American. It has to be hard to be in his shoes.

“Sgt. Mathew Gonzalez said his decal that reads “Lord please forgive me, I have committed sins for our freedom” is a message he created to show that as a Catholic he believes he did sin by killing someone in Iraq.”

This man has to have one heck of a headache. People are bitching at him for his use of free speech. Something, you know..he supports by being a fighting military man, who has sworn to protect ALL our freedoms. The local TV website I linked above has a survey on this topic, and remarkably, our red city has voted 1490 to 167 that his decal is NOT disrespectful. I would really expect the religious nutjobs that are a thriving group here in BibleBelt section of the San Joaquin valley to come out against him.

Color me happily surprised. I would also like to thank Sgt. Mathew Gonzalez for his service. I am sorry it has caused him emotional or physical pain. God Bless you Sir.

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  1. The fundies like to spout off about the 10 commandments, so here I go!Thou shalt not kill. That is what it says. Thou shalt not kill. Not “thou shalt only kill sometimes” or “thou shalt only kill ragheads” or “thou shalt only kill those who the President says needs to die”. So yea, if the man believes in Christianity, and if he shot at people in combat – then he may have broken one of the 10 commandments. A big sin. Why the same people who claim to believe in that stuff can not see what this man is saying is crazy. The man has a point. And I hope he can come to peace with what he had to do. To hell with that anyone else thinks. Is it an anti-war message? probably. But then again, EVERYTHING Jesus said was one big anti-war message. He is the “Prince Of Peace” not the “Duke Of War”.

  2. Damn Lazy..great comment! Thank you kind sir, for stopping by and saying it quite nicely 🙂Duke of War..never heard that one..but i don’t get out much.

  3. I sure wish we had more real men like this guy.This is one of the few times I can say, “Amen”.

  4. Now if he’d just used “F@ggot” or “Raghead” when exercising his right to free speech, there would have been no problem…

  5. Kurt, I agree 🙂Frederick…interesting how that works isn’t it?

  6. I am sure there are plenty of soldiers out there that feel as this soldier does. Unfortunately, in the military there is no freedom of speech. Just look at the soldiers in Walter Reed being warned not to vocalize their concerns to the media. They must be the only part of our government that is forced to defend rights they cannot enjoy themselves.

  7. The fundies really need to STFU. They’ve got no idea what this man saw over in Iraq and they don’t care. These dim-witted authoritarians just hate anything that might conflict with their world view.Remember the guy who warned us about the “military-industrial complex”? It was Dwight Eisenhower, a military veteran.

  8. along came jones

    The guy has the right to say whatever he wants whether he served in the military or not. People bad mouthing this guy need to get off their high horse and let the him work it out for himself these big mouths running dude down never served anybody but themselves, I wont name names yet. As far as the bible goes the meaning of that commandment gets lost in translation from hebrew to the kings english the commandment “thou shalt not kill” in actuality says “thou shall not murder” theres a world of difference in some folks minds between murder and war but his priest ought to be able to explain that to him. The funny thing is the ten commandments were handed down from God to a guy who was on the lamb for murder for decades before he became the first recorded civil rights leader. Point being there is forgiveness to be found out there even from god just look at Moses, but I hope and pray this man one of our vetrans, can find it in his heart to forgive himself.Hi Dusty!

  9. I’m afraid it is truly a good thing I don’t live there. I might be tempted to commit a few “sins” of my own.

  10. Poobie, believe me when I say..those 180 odd oddballs aren’t worth it.John..Hey Sweetcheeks! 🙂Truffle..I think of Eisenhower’s MIC comment at least once a week, if not daily.

  11. Most of the Jesusistan chickenhawk scum that criticize this man are about as likely to enlist as I am to be elected Pope.Scumbags, cowards and hypocrites, the lot of them.

  12. JR..those who blindly follow the Theocrats are the most dangerous of the bunch.

  13. Someone said that no one emerges from a war unwounded.My heart goes out to him.

  14.’s amazing what people on the right find to bitch about.

  15. I would have expected and still expect that ultra wingnuts, even Christian wingnuts would go after this guy. I think Michael Savage considers Muslims subhuman which would mean (in a Savage Wiener World) this guy has nothing to worry about as far as killing them goes.It’s nice to see that a red community could come together and see through all the bullshit to make the right decision.

  16. It renewed my general faith in humanity when I saw the poll results 🙂

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