The DOJ and Carol Lam

Over at TPMMuckraker there is a fine post about Carol Lam and her investigations into the Republican corruption machine known as Randy Duke Cunningham, Kyle Foggo and Brent Wilkes. It shows how its highly probable that Ms.Lam was fired because she was getting too close to the top of the Republican foodchain.

Ain’t that a bitch? Well, not really 🙂

Here is an email that was sent by now infamous Kyle Sampson regarding Ms. Lam’s investigation into what became the biggest corruption case involving a sitting elective representative…and was still going strong when she was shit-canned:

For complete email click here at TPM.

Seems the DOJ was sweating the soon to be executed search warrants at former CIA Executive Director Mr. Foggo’s humble abode.

AlbertoGate might get pretty interesting..or they could just fire Uncle Al and pray to God it all goes away.


EDIT: Politico is saying that BushCo is seeking replacements already. God, Chertoff is being considered..

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  1. I saw a headline about Gonzo earlier today that said, “Bush Offers Tepid Support”.That’s like “You’re doin’ a heckuva job” or “Secretary Rumsfeld has my full support”.In other words, that’s code for “Fire up the bus so we can throw this wetback under the wheels.”No honor among thieves and boobs I guess.

  2. Yeah, I figured it was the same shit you did Poobie. I just read that the jackass Chertoff might get the job..jesus christ..what morons!

  3. “Electrode Al” is learning that he, too, is fungible.I’ll bet he thought Rummy was talking strictly about GIs. HA!

  4. They’re solution to everything seems to be firing someone and them blaming everything on them.

  5. JR..hopefully that fuckwit will be gone soon..and it will strike fear in the hearts of those left in government. United We Lay..thanks for stopping by. I totally agree with you..This administration is so stupid they think the type of action you state will make the problem or investigation go away.

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