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Hillary hauled in the largest amount of cash so far in the Presidential sweepstakes. In fact, her number was a record-breaking number for contributions. Not only is it breaking all records for a three month haul..this is twice as much as ol’ Hill herself thought she would raise. This might not be a surprise to some folks..she has one powerful political machine that woman. I know personally, I expected her to bring in the most cash..this woman is no shrinking violet when it comes to campaigning and raising the big money to get elected. But for the love of god..$26 Million in 3 lousy months and a year before the first votes will be cast? Amazing..simply amazing..and a woman did it.

What did come as a shock to my system was when she came out publicly the next day and stated she would back public funding of campaigns if elected presidentnext year.

Also bear in mind this woman was also the first to completely ‘opt out’ of the public funding system that has been in place for a long, long time.

This would seem to be a tad disingenuous at first blush. Upon further review… a hypocritical bunch of bullshit that our Hillary would be spouting regarding her commitment to public financing of elections.

In other words…Do as I say, not as I do.

Ain’t that some shit my dear reader? It reminds me of an old saying: How can you tell when a politician is being insincere? When their lips are moving….

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I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

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  1. I thought she was supposed to raise $40 milllion. Where did I hear that?Also, Obama raised over $20 million as well but he hasn’t announced it yet. Nice picture!

  2. God… what worthy things money like that could be put to.It’s all just bidness covering its best.Depressing.

  3. “Ain’t that some shit?” Damn. It is sad…Can’t trust anybody.

  4. Mike, They all hauled in double figures..sad no?Lulu..your right..think of NOLA and what that money could of done there.Mary, They ALL lie..its just to what degree I guess..white or black.

  5. Government for sale. May the richest man or woman win.

  6. I suppose she’d use the usual excuse…”well, that’s the way the system works now. So how can I get elected to change it if I don’t raise all that cash to win?”Between you, me, and everyone in the frickin’ blogosphere…that’s why I think she’s a crappy candidate.

  7. Rather imprudent I’d say.

  8. All that tells me is she’d be great on one of those interminable PBS fund drives. But all I need to know about what kind of president she’d be is the way she royally screwed up health care reform back in hubby’s 1st term.

  9. RBE, it IS for sale to the richest person 😦Poobie..I hope she doesn’t make the cut..but I wouldn’t bet against her at this point.Sumo…real gem eh?Anthony! Good analogy 🙂 I think about her health care fiasco too.

  10. I’ll dissent here for a moment … I don’t know Hillary, have never met her, and cannot therefore vouch for her character, moral or otherwise.However, I <>will<> vote for her if she is the Democratic candidate in the ’08 race — and I do not expect her to run a campaign in an idealized future when her fellow candidates are all running simultaneous campaigns in the not-so-ideal present.

  11. Eric, I understand your pov regarding Hillary, but I still find some hypocrisy in her statement that she will support public financing AFTER she is elected.

  12. All of these points are very well taken. I have been pushing Hillary on my blog only because I don’t see much difference among any of the Democratic prospects (excluding Kucinich, of course), but will someone here please explain to me exactly how Obama is running to Hillary’s left?I seem to recall a speech of which the words “…we worship a powerful God….” was a part. I recall there’s some book about Hope or somesuch by Obama which is essentially a paean to the Republican Party and it’s leader. I recall that soon after the Harkin BBQ, Obama went out on a religious tour with Dobson and his crowd. But most of all, HE VOTED FOR THE BANKRUPTCY BILL.So, how’s he “left” exactly? Because he admits to having done and enjoyed some yeyo in his day? PUH-LEEZE. Hillary’s spilled more than Obama’s had.

  13. Until they all get in the same room and debate..who knows anything about any of them or their stand on issues?

  14. Not that it means anything but she uses the F-word a lot in private. It does cost a lot to run an TV ad, fly around the country for public appearances, but yes it amazes me the amount of money they seem to need to campaign. What do they do with the excess if they do not spend it all? Do all the candidates get contributions from businesses outside of he USA? Kind of like Neil Bush and Dubrai.Much bette if the people are donating rather then Hoffman-La Roche or big corpoations.

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