The blog against theocracy blogswarm.

There are quite a few folks talking about religion, belief systems, God and Jesus this weekend. I do not attend a church, I am wary of organized religion, not having found a church that has a pastor like my beloved Pastor Dave in San Diego. He did not mix politics with his Sunday sermon’s and I appreciated that. He did not judge people period. He always said he left that up to God.

This weekend bloggers are conducting a Blogswarm that seems to be about keeping Theocracy out of our laws and government. This website entitled “First Freedom First” has basic tenants regarding how many God and Jesus-loving people believe, regarding theocracy in our government.

FFF is not the site that sponsored this blogswarm. But her views are ones that I hold dear and feel can explain why I chose to participate in this event:

  • Every American should have the right to make personal decisions — about family life, reproductive health, end of life care and other matters of personal conscience.
  • American tax dollars should not go to charities that discriminate in hiring based on religious belief or that promote a particular religious faith as a requirement for receiving services.
  • Political candidates should not be endorsed or opposed by houses of worship.
  • Public schools should teach with academic integrity and without the promotion of religious preference or belief.
  • Decisions about scientific and health policies should be based on the best available scientific data, not on religious doctrine.

We join together, as the most diverse nation in the world, to commit ourselves to defending and preserving this freedom. I hope people will join in this just and freedom-loving cause.

I will post something SUNDAY that addresses the Theocratic bs that pervades our government.


About Dusty, hells most vocal bitch

I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

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  1. I am going to post a funny Easter photo tomorrow. I might join this “swarm” thing. I will bang my head against the wall and see what falls out.

  2. I hope you join are a good writer and I know you could come up with something great!

  3. We’ve already put out one post, about the rise of Dominionism (and its leaders.) We will probably do more over the weekend.

  4. Excellent J.R..I will come by and read them 🙂 Thanks!

  5. This sounds like a good idea. Not much of a joiner, but this may be too good to pass up, if you know what I mean!

  6. Ah, come on and play along know you want to 🙂I promise to come by and read what you put up. I am getting blasted on the local newspaper blog where I posted this:

  7. Speak out while you can, if the Repugs have their way, progressive blogs will be silenced.

  8. Larry, I might believe in God and I might be anti-war..but I am not a pacifist. I will take to the streets to protect our right of free speech.I have a gun and I know how to use it. fark those repugs that seek to take away our rights!Twice even! 🙂

  9. Does this mean that Catholic priests cannot wear their GOP T-shirts anymore?

  10. I’m stirring up the bees for my own storm. Stay tuned. It’ll be a doozie.

  11. LMAO Peter 🙂Poobie..I can not WAIT for your post!

  12. OK I just created my post. Be sure to read all of it. There is a surprise photo at the end.

  13. Hurray, I loved your post Lazy..very interesting.but that pic at the end..jeez louise.

  14. all of the christians i know are up in arms about the looming invasion of the muslim horde. i can’t get through to them that i am far more fearful of the looming takeover of our government by those who pretend in this country to be christians, the far right wing lunatics who would control our every thought and breath.i was actually a little heartened to hear recently some good amount of discussion on how the christian right has been used and abused by the bush crime family. i am just hoping that the far right wing nuts heard it. bush has made a fool of all those who put their faith in him to uphold their values. how any true christian could support the rethuglicans is beyond me. there is not one single thing they do that meshes with true christianity, not one.

  15. BaB, the religious right doesn’t care who is in charge, just that they can control him..and BushCo does cow-tow to those people. Most of the religious right have their own skeletons in their closet..think Ted Haggard among others..but they have a different set of values for the common folk than they do for themselves.

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