Invoking the ghost of Reagan and other highlights of the Republican Debate.

According to one article I read this morning..RR’s name was mentioned 19 times last night. Thats quite a bit for a president who’s reign ended roughly 20 years ago. I really expected a ghost of ol Ronnie to appear at some point in the festivities…

But the Repub’s also wanted their cake and to eat it as well. All of them calling for lower taxes yet a robust military. Somehow, I do not see how they plan to pull that off unless they gut many of the social programs for the sick,poor and elderly.

I think Mitt looked the most polished of the group. He did manage to get the point out there several times that he ran a liberal state and loves to gut budget expenditures.

They all stood against pro-choice but Rudy. They all stood against embryonic stem cell research with Nancy Reagan, a staunch supporter, sitting front and center in the audience.

For the God Squad, there were three that came out against Evolution: Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo raising their hands when asked who did not believe in evolution.

Weathervane McCain had this lovely exchange:

McCain: Now I think it’s on the right track. The war was terribly mismanaged. The war was terribly mismanaged and we now have to fix a lot of the mistakes that were made. Books have been written. But we have a new strategy and a new general. And these young men and women are committed to winning.

So, if we are still seeing the insurgents killing at the same rates they are now..will McCain take it in the shorts for this comment a year from now? We can only hope my dear reader.

If you missed the grand Debate..the MSNBC transcript of it is here.

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  1. I would rather hammer a 6 inch nail into am oak tree using my forehead than watch the Republican primary debates.

  2. I was just plain curious to see how they would stumble all over themselves…and they did. I want to be aware of their lies and duplicity as time goes by so I can accurately make fun of them. I’m sick that way. And…somebody tell me when old Ronnie Raygun became a God? I remember those awful days of him gutting the economy through some of his smart little decisions…we all remember those!

  3. <>I do not see how they plan to pull that off unless they gut many of the social programs for the sick,poor and elderly.<>You answered your own question.Interesting about referring to St. Reagan 19 times. I also read somewhere that Bush was mentioned by name only once.Thanks for the recap. I couldn’t bring myself to tune in last night.

  4. Ronald Reagan’s godhood is #12 in <>The Big Book of Republican Lies<>.I want to see Sam Brownback get the nomination. Maybe then responsible conservatives will finally get their shit together and abandon their usurped party, and we can finally end this era of Evangelistic apartheid.

  5. They might as well have dug up Ronnie Raygun and hauled his carcass onto the stage to worship it.I read somewhere that Dubya is <>not<> going to be attending the repuke national convention.How poetic is that?

  6. Hill..the Dipshit-in-Chief isn’t going to the convention? LMAO..figures..he singlehandidly killed the party..for WHICH I am grateful 🙂Now if we could just get him a cell at the life would be perfect!Dave..I hate the Theocrats..they should all be burned at the stake. Bastards all.Anthony..I answer my own questions alot..its a want them all to take a long walk off a very short pier.

  7. Reagan's Ghost

    Where am I at again? I forget.

  8. LOL! I did feel horrible for Nancy having to watch ol Ronnie slip away..its a horribly sad way to die for those that love the victims of Alzheimers.

  9. gawd, you must have nerves of still to sit through that, dusty…or maybe some awesome pain pills.McCain scares the hell out of me.What exactly are “these young men and women…committed to winning” again? Does anybody know? glad to hear it’s on the right track, now johnny boy.

  10. Bojangles is still living here.I posted photos of a possible new girlfriend.

  11. If things keep going as they are in Iraq, McCain will say it is because the Democrats have been debating bringing the troops home and that empowers our enemy while weakening us

  12. Scott..if things keep going the way they are in Iraq..all the repubes will be voted out of office come Nov 08..and I hope to God they are.Lazy..give it a rest..I ain’t taking the cat 🙂Blue..I do have some excellent meds 😛

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