Commanders refuse military Drs advice for troops in action.

After my Sunday post about Army Spec. Jeans Cruz and his PTSD, this morning I got to read how the military continues to put the war before the troops mental health:

U.S. commanders in Iraq are rejecting a recommendation made by Army health experts that troops receive a one-month break after they spend three months in a combat zone. U.S. troops in Iraq are spending more time in combat than those who fought in Vietnam or World War II, and experts say continuous exposure can lead to more mental health problems.

So, Army health experts can kiss off? WTF here? Army psychologists say continual combat may cause more mental health problems. Their research, conducted in Iraq last year, shows that 30% of troops experiencing high levels of combat demonstrate signs of anxiety, depression or acute stress.

This research was conducted last has to be worse now..judging by the violence and deaths spiraling up as the “Surge” has led to worsening numbers in dead and injured troops.

30% of our troops IN THE COMBAT THEATRE show high levels of anxiety,depression and stress….yet we can’t do shit to fix it? How effective can they be working at that level?

Are the military commanders fucking nuts or is it that the war is more important than the lives and health of our troops?

Great way to support the troops gents..fucking awesome. You vile pricks.

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  1. Major congrats on the CBS thing.Can I have your autograph now?

  2. Oh give me an effin break! Only If I can get a starbucks w/you m’dear 🙂I know you have had to of been picked up by a major before..don’t tell me otherwise.

  3. Enigma here…yes, I am Back…and I see you are still kicking it good….thank heavens for you and Blogatopia…..CBS ?????

  4. Well sadly I’m starting hear from my son. I feel helpless to help him until he gets home. As he said to me recently “nobody here gives a shit about me.” Sad but true.

  5. Money, rhetoric, money, rhetoric, that’s what it’s all about sadly, and no one cares.How can we withold taxes until the government actually does what we ask them to do?Every day business’s continue to downsize and pay as little as possible to those able to do a job.Makes sense to me we should be able to do what we want with out hard earned, measly amount of money we earn.And Mary, I’m so sorry to hear that it is now affecting your son!! ; (

  6. E4E..I am so happy to see ya I could kiss you girl 🙂Mary, your breaking my heart, I am so sorry sweetie. My niece just went back after two blessed weeks in the states with us. She wouldn’t talk about her job much and I didn’t push.Coffee, so nice to see you! We and the troops get the shaft, the contractors get the gold mine.

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