Regarding the Live Earth sponsors… Chevy. Does anyone else see the irony in this? They are one of the 3 sponsors for the online webcast.

The same manufacturer that lobby’s their fucking ass off against clean air, and better cafe’ standards for our vehicles. They fight us tooth and nail to switch to alternative methods of powering the all-mighty automobile…

But aside from a little hypocrisy there, it was, contrary to the reichwingers I read today whilst surfing…a big success. Every venue, and I watched them all, was filled with Giants stadium packed like sardines. So anyone on the right that didn’t actually watch it can kiss my sweet ass. The LAT has a decent writeup about it here.

The band Nunatak from Antarctica performed live from..Antartica. The band’s performance of their self-written song “Would You Do It All Again” was beamed into the stadium from the scientists’ (and part-time musicians’) research station on the frozen continent. The band performed in fingerless gloves, parkas and knit caps from atop a glowing icecap in sub-zero weather with a pale pink Antarctic sky as their backdrop.-It was freaking awesome.

There was plenty of recycled materials used to build the stage and backdrops, like recycled vehicle tires. They also bombarded the crowds with constant messages about the 7 simple things they can do to make our world a better place for everyone. It was quite well done and quite constant..perhaps I would of hated it if I was at the concert, but it wasn’t very distracting online…but that WAS the point of the concerts..awareness.


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I wanted to see Roger Waters..don’t ya know, they held him till the end of the NYC show. But that’s ok, I thought it was well worth the wait.

Anyone else watch some of it?

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  1. I intended to watch it, Dusty, but I dozed off right before it went on and I didn’t wake up until it was over. 😦

  2. it was pretty interesting- I would have liked to see more from other places…esp Sydney , Shanghai, and well, you get my drift…it was nice watching with 6-6 though and he made some interesting comments…“Hmm, How many took fuel wasting private Jets to get to the events? did they think to carpool?”“Gee , most of these bands ( Wembly) are from your youth- surprized they are not in rehab…or well, worse…” (ouch)“I wish they would show contamination issues from the states- like strip mining- or Stacks, trucks dumping, or how about a good fish kill….I am just saying they make it look like it all happens Somewhere Else.”“Gore still looks huge- I guess he is not running;-(“

  3. Sorry you missed it TomCat it was very interesting and the music..great!Enigma..I wish that kind of shit would get more attention too. But that means taking on the huge monied we must settle for changing lightbulbs right now..hopefully they will get to them later.

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