Harriet a no show..The House is pissed.

The 7-5 vote that rejected Bush’s executive privilege claim is the first step toward holding Miers in contempt of Congress.

Get that old biddy. She is no longer in the employ of his Highness. The Sergeant at Arms needs to bust a move on her ass. Someone is going down for this shit.

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  1. Lets hope they haul her in to jail, instead of cowering to Bush like they normally do.

  2. Once Bush finishes with his executive privilege claim, nobody will ever be able to investigate the executive branch ever again.

  3. There is a long history of Exec Priv and its not in favor of the President. Very few of the claims have held up..especially when there is a crime being covered up.

  4. Well so far nobody has done anything about it. So in effect he is getting away with it. What the crap are they waiting for? Are they really so wrapped up with winning in 08 that they will just keep this bullshit up?

  5. Bush is banking on this not being through the courts until he is out of office. Its obvious.Evidently the Dem’s are novices when it comes to pressing charges against a sitting President. The Repubes had no problem going after Clinton for a lousy blowjob.

  6. lazy iguana – yes. And I think you’re also right that bad precedents are being set here.Dusty, for all the misery that blowjob caused him, I sure hope it wasn’t lousy. 😉And speaking of that, After Downing Street posted a good visual comparison of Clinton’s sins and Bush’s, < HREF="http://www.afterdowningstreet.org/?q=node/24624" REL="nofollow">here<>.

  7. Anthony..that was an awesome cartoon..thank you!Yeah, Clinton sure got hosed for a lousy BJ..shows the Repubes will go for the jugular..the Dem’s..not so much.

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