Tom Delay speaks to College Republicans

Sweet Jesus in a speedo..the man tied abortion and illegals into one neat package..and these college-educated kids bought it! Also..why is it the young Repubes support the war but won’t enlist..well, it seems they have a plethora of excuses don’t ya know??

Max Blumenthal has a blog and a writeup on his trip to The College Republicans Convention at HuffPo. You rock Max! Seems our college Rethugs are cut in the Dick Cheney mold..aka chickenhawks!

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I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

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  1. Will they ever throw this borlack in prison so we won’t have to listen to all that?

  2. Well you know Dusty, in fairness to the college republicans there is a good reason for them to not enlist to go to Iraq even though they so want to because they support the war that much. Someone needs to fight here to keep dark folks out of the Country Club. And if they all go over there who will do this? They may come home to find smarmy unsavory (black) people have joined their country club and are swimming in their pool!

  3. you know, watching the smug little pricks rah-rahing the iraq war made me want to vomit. it’s bad enough that these little classist assholes are so gung ho about war when not a one of them is willing to fight.but them tom delay comes on and essentially says all of those little aborted babies (you know, the kids that the parents weren’t ready for, couldn’t handle, didn’t have the $$ to raise, were the result of rape or incest or whatever ~ those babies) could have been the new under/working class to tend the needs of these fucking little twits at this conference?? god help us all. how can he even live in his own skin.

  4. Well folks..I am just fucking tired of hearing from Hot-tub Tom Delay. I want that bag of batshit to rot in a jail cell. As for the Young Rethugs that refuse to put their bodies where their mouths are..they are nothing more than hypocritical chickenhawks..just like Dick fucking Cheney.

  5. I commented over at Blognonymous that apparently Tom DeLay believes that the height of a parent’s ambition for their child should be a low-wage, low-skill job with no benefits. What utter nonsense!

  6. It’ not only nonsense..its fuckwitted..and downright retarded.

  7. Fuck DeLay and those who think like him. I would imagine that in their world, if there were no abortions, all the kids that resulted from them would have been well cared for with equal access to all the benefits of American society. I am not pro-abortion, but before anyone should even start considering outlawing it, they should figure out how to take care of those we already have.

  8. The logic is outrageous Scott..Its Hitler-fucking-esque if you ask me.

  9. Those college Republicans should be drafted, as should all Republicans of an age to be able to serve in the military.

  10. Well libhom..we would have to draft everyone’s kids..and I have always said BushCo needs to start the draft..nothing will bring more people into the Anti-war movemment than a draft..just look at the Vietnam War for details..

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