Voters take it in the shorts in Michigan

Those friggin activist judges in MI. The Supreme Court of the state of Michigan has ruled in favor of Voter ID’s. From Jurist:

The Michigan Supreme Court Wednesday upheld a voter ID law in that state, ruling against critics who argued that the ID requirement is essentially a poll tax. The 5-2 decision was split down party lines, with the Republican majority deciding that since voters who don’t have a photo ID can vote after signing a sworn affidavit regarding their identity, the argument of a de facto poll tax was unfounded. Supporters of the ID law say that a photo ID is necessary to prevent voter fraud. The law was initially passed in 1996, but former Attorney General Frank Kelly refused to prosecute under it, arguing that it was unconstitutional. The law was renewed in 2005. Numerous voter ID laws have been challenged in the courts, with inconsistent rulings across the states. Laws in Indiana and Arizona have been upheld, while one in Missouri was struck down last year. AP has more.

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  1. You can expect this to spread like wildfire, as they will do anything to keep potential voters of different political ideas out.

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