Schumer, Gonzo and the gang of 8

Chuck was the last man to question Alberto today. He asked direct yes or no questions of the man who heads our country’s Justice Department. He asked about the meetings with the gang of 8. Schumer asked him direct yes or no questions regarding the clandestine meeting with a barely lucid John Ashcroft at the hospital.

Uncle Al side-stepped each and every friggin one of those direct questions. That’s a surprise I know..Watch Specter and Leahy grill this bastard on YouTube Here.

Al tried to discredit Comey’s previous testimony before the committee regarding the warrentless spying on Americans.

Simply put, Alberto Gonzales is a Shit-stain on the Department of Justice in these here United States.

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EDIT: Tomorrow morning at 7 freaking AM on the left coast..the House Jusdiciary committee will take up the matter of Contempt of Congress Citations on Cspan3..don’t miss it!

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  1. Al always side-steps questions. That’s how come he keeps stepping in that big pile of shit that follows him around all the time.

  2. Sorry, but I thought he <>WAS<> a big pile of bad 😛

  3. You love to make me think about shit that pisses me off don’t you? Well I hope you are happy. Because of this blog I seem to be drinking more. I can not take much more of this Bush bullshit or else I will be a full blown alcoholic. By the way, check out my shit tomorrow. I was invited on a French Navy Vessel to get loaded. I have photos. PS can you please get rid of the random letters verification bullshit? Sometimes I drink too much and can not type very well.

  4. great post…and the hearings were amazing so how much can one sack of shit lie…??? and does Gonzo have to wear a VW bumper as shoulderpads- does that make him feel like a big grown up thug ? he is a terrible liar…although Goodling and the other blonanazittwinkette also was a terrible liar…hmmm …and I loved when they all told him to review his Transcripts and also reminded him Perjury was a 5 year sentence….yup…tomorrow morning- let’s see what happens with Harriet…Do you think she will end up wearing orange?

  5. Harriet in orange..LMAO e4e..touche’Lazy..I will check out your site and I removed the word verification just for you dear.

  6. Alberto Gonzales is the destruction of the Department of Justice in these here United States. It’s way beyond stain; it will take a generation and a purge to restore the reputation of the Justice Department.

  7. Dave, they have changed the landscape of our Justice system and its not for the good. The rat bastards have destroyed what has taken over a 100 years to build.

  8. I like how he said they didn’t go to visit him for that specific program, but for a different one. Was he expecting someone to say, “Oh, well that is different then.”

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