Bush relative nixes report because it doesn’t match BushCo’s objectives.

Anyone surprised by this story in WaPo?

I didn’t think so. Pretty damn pathetic when you can’t release a Surgeon Generals report because it doesn’t cater to BushCo’s bullshit objectives. What really chaps my hide is that the freak who is blocking this report has no background in public health or medicine.

Guess any asshole appointee can pull this crap with Bush’s blessings. William R. Steiger your a real prick…your family is probably very proud of you. The report contained information on the following, per WaPo:

The report described the link between poverty and poor health, urged the U.S. government to help combat widespread diseases as a key aim of its foreign policy, and called on corporations to help improve health conditions in the countries where they operate. A copy of the report was obtained by the Washington Post.

Just another exercise to keep us in the dark and feed us bullshit by the folks leading our country.

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I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

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  1. Any idiot who is a Bush bootlicker can get jobs like this.That’s how Gonzo got his.

  2. yep, its the Loyal Bushie Syndrome Larry.

  3. dusty I raised my sons under the principle that they do not matter only doing the right thing does whether or not it favors them. The truth is all that matters. I was not inferring that they didn’t matter but I am afraid that is the way most take it. Without the truth you have no base to stand on. That in itself should tell you about the strength of this Mis Administration. I was pretty pissed when I found out about the surgeon General and the one he replaced but we should have expected it as Bush hides the truth in every instance. I have to tell you, it is long overdue but just seeing that enigma nominated you for her Wellstone award it motivated me to link to you so you will be hearing more from me.

  4. Hey Mr Joiner..its good to hear from you Sir 🙂I hope you son in Afghanistan is doing as well as can be expected. My niece is hanging in there as well.BushCo is by far the worst administration in the history of our country. It will take decades to fix what they have done to us..and the world.

  5. Son of a bitch Dusty I knew you were familiar too me. Jim is back from Afghanistan and wants to volunteer for Iraq too lead his troops. I am only against it because Bush is lying to them and Jim is brain washed but oh well. Joe will be flying Iraq air support until September. How much time does your neice have left there?

  6. My niece has only been there since Dec Jim, so 9 months left I guess..although she still thinks she will only do a year..but we know how BushCo raised the length of tours to 15 months.I was happy to see you come back..I wasn’t sure if you remembered me or not 🙂

  7. Dusty I have to laugh because I did remember you but it was your cat that cemented it. Glad your neice is doing well. I lost track of 2 people I liked when I stopped contributing to Bring it on, you and Aaron if that was his name. but I had to refocus myself as I was getting too busy with writing various doctrines and manifesto’s We are running out of time to stop Bush and it will not happen. I just refuse to believe we are powerless while he destroys the world. A couple days ago I wrote about how he is now funding the middle east breakdown. It really hit me today and I will talk about it tomorrow. Gorbachev is totally right and I am stunned the entire world watches this idiot and is powerless to stop him.

  8. Rove is crazy like a Fox Jim. He attacks on all levels and fronts..which makes it almost impossible to go after these guys..its always something. GonzoGate is to me, something to keep our focus off the wars and how badly they are going. We have people focusing on different BushCo crimes and it divides and separates us.Thats their intent I believe. To divide us all. Many want IMpeachment..but without the Rethugs help..it won’t happen.That cat..lol..its been around the blogosphere hasn’t it :)I think Aaron goes by Windspike doesn’t he??

  9. Dusty I can’t say anything good about Rove. I have to laugh because you may have heard me use this term on Bring it on but Bush practices all around the world in every instance what I call his Rove’s taught 3D politics. ( that is the Politics of deciet, deception, and division) He divides to conquer. He deceives to create Division and he uses deceit to get his way. You are right Impeachment will not happen because3 of the division. Lastly Aaron is windspike and give him a shout out. i wonder how his brother is. He was a 23 year decorated EOD lifer last I knew. won the silver cross clearing the boobytrapped houses in Fallujah for the marines.

  10. Is it just me or does the kid look like stereotypical ‘Zampolit’ (‘political officer’)?

  11. I think that looks like a decent mug-shot Kvatch 😛3D politics..touche’ Jim 🙂

  12. Who knew? Poverty can adversely effect the health and welfare of people. Next they will tell us that poverty also reduces educational opportunities to help people get out of poverty.

  13. God forbid anyone find that out Scott! BushCo did us all a huge favor right? 😛

  14. That little asshole was probably fiftieth in his class at Liberty University.He took Creation Science for his science requirement.I have noticed what great antagonism these little born-again bootlickers have toward the scientific community. You can see them getting their stories straight with Rove as they prepare their public lies: “the report lacked rigor.” Right!

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