Is Schumer a shill for the top 1%? You betcha!

Today’s NYT has an article which caught my eye. The title: In opposing Tax Plan, Schumer Breaks with Party. Now, Schumer is a Senator from New York, where most of the hedge private equity funds roost. I realize they are a part of his constituency..but please..they are NOT humans. Sure, humans run them and make money from them…but they are NOT people, and folks that use these types of investments aren’t trying to make ends meet.

But Schumer holds a two very important posts that relate to hedge funds and private equity funds, he is on both the Banking and Finance committee’s. In fact..Chuck raked in more than $1 million large for the Democratic Senatorial Committee from these guys.

The NYT article calls him “Pro-business”..I call him a shill for the top 1%. Perhaps that is a little harsh..but you can not call yourself a supporter of the middle class AND a supporter of the hedge and equity funds. Nope, you really can’t do that Chuckie.

There is a bill in the works that wants to raise the taxes on these types of investments. Even Hillary, Obama and Edwards have come out in support of these taxes that will provide revenue for health and educational programs..not to mention relieve some of the burden of taxes on the middle class. I mean..really now..if Corporate-loving Hillary can support can’t be all bad for investors right?

But Chuckie has his state and its employers to think about he says. There is this interesting tidbit in the NYT writeup:

“Mr. Schumer said in an interview that he was torn between the need to protect an industry vital to his home state and the need to generate revenues to finance government programs. He said a tax increase on private equity and hedge fund executives could lead to an exodus of jobs and companies from New York, and even from the country. He said the plan, if enacted federally, would also lead to an increase in New York State tax that would further bear down on the industry. He said he worried that the industry was being unfairly singled out.”

I call bullshit on that right now. So does the other Senator from NY, Charles Rangel. I am sick and tired of businesses using the “we will move our operations if we don’t get what we want” shtick..I could puke. It’s a time-honored tradition for them to use that line isn’t it? It’s a threat to get what they want.

Well, the middle class has been getting the ever-loving shaft for decades now..and they need a friggin break, not the damn hedge and equity funds. Hell, even a senior exec from Citigroup, Robert E. Rubin is calling this tax a good move for the love of Christ. Joe Schocken, the chairman of Broadmark Capital, an investment banking and private equity firm in Seattle, backs the bill and calls it fair.

This tax move will raise billions annually. It will only hit those top 1%ers I don’t give a Rats Ass who Chuck Schumer’s voting base is..this tax isn’t going to kill off any investors or cripple the damn industry, because its folks that make a shit-load of cash every year and don’t work for know..unlike the middle class that works for their money.

Schumer’s stance on this bill really pisses me off. I have always thought highly of him until this came out. If Hillary the biggest Corporate Shill alive can back can Chuckie damn it. And if he doesn’t see the light I will have to call him what he is..a carpetbagging sumbitch who will once again fuck over the middle class so those that already have their nest eggs can get their greedy little fingers on more money they won’t be able to spend in their lifetimes.

Come on Chuck..give the middle class a fucking tax break for a change and put some money into the federal coffers for educational programs you fuckwit..screw those top 1%ers….Stop pandering to them. If there is any doubt why Chuckie panders to these guys..get a load of this nugget from the NYT writeup:

“From January through June, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee raised nearly $2 million from executives and employees of private equity and hedge fund firms like the Carlyle Group and the Blackstone Group, according to analyses of campaign finance disclosure reports conducted by the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan group that researches the influence of money in politics, and by The New York Times. The $2 million figure, which includes contributions from relatives of employees and executives, is a low-end estimate because many donors do not list their employers on financial disclosure reports.”

Ain’t that something? You bet it is..and it smells like fresh dog poop if you ask me.

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I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

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  1. Hey Dusty, I like what you’ve done in changing the look! ; )BTW, he ain’t the only “shill!” ; (Like Zappa said: “They’re only in it for the money!” That’s why they’ve become lifers, IMHO.If we were at a job and didn’t do what our employer wanted, we’d be gone in a heartbeat. Why should any of these these people be any different???? It boggles the mind! ; (

  2. Ironically Schumer had a best selling book out last year on the need to save the middle class.Which does he believe.

  3. Thank You CM 🙂 There are plenty of pol’s that think the investors need a break..and that ‘breaks’ my heart. The middle class need the break. Its been shrinking for years.Larry, if he truely believes that..why is he jettisoning his beliefs to protect the investor’s hedge and equity funds? I don’t get it. He can’t have it both ways.

  4. In politics, you can have it both ways since a lot of the electorate are idiots. They don’t look at facts or records, they just hear someone say they care or are with them and vote. If military personnel actually paid attention, they wouldn’t be such a sure thing for Republicans.

  5. Scott, your right about the general public..but if I have anything to say about it..plenty of folks will hear about this..we all need to post about it..

  6. He is for the middle class as much as Bush is! the finance industry in all its vestigases may be important to New york but in the big picture I don’t think it should hold an inequitable amount of weight. That top 1% is obviously where he gets his backing. i can’t stand Politics! The right thing or the average American just do not matter.

  7. Great photo of “The Shoe”. I never have trusted him much. He strikes me as a little too opportunistic on a lot of things for my tastes.

  8. Of course he gets his campaign cash from the top one percent..they ALL do apparently except for a very few Jim.Poobie..I no longer trust him to do the people’s business..which bums me the hell out. I love that pic too btw 🙂

  9. Conservatives love to deride tax increases as stealth attempts to “redistribute the wealth” of “hard-working Americans” (presumably to the <>un<>deserving poor). It’s about time that people start pointing out (loudly) how that is exactly what has been happening since Reagan began the tax-cut mania in the 80’s: the undeserving <>have<> been receiving the redistributed spoils of hard working Americans, but they aint been “poor” at all.

  10. I get tired of hearing that poor people deserve a tax break. They’re already getting it….they just don’t know how to manage it properly. When we all got that surplus tax check, I saw poor people running off to Circuit city, buying LCD televisions. What a fucking shame, they buy shit like that, and still don’t have enough money for the laundromat.At the same time, I am seeing a split in the party. I see it on my side too, but boy, the latest good news from Petraeus is really gonna spark up a shitstorm in the Democratic Party….Lovin’ every minute of itSteve

  11. How many senators does NY have? You mentioned 2 and neither is a woman running for President.

  12. You tell them Steve. Stupid poor people. All of them buying TVs, booze, and parachute pants. They should be smart like the wealthy and use their tax breaks to buy a jet which they then get another tax break on. The poor just need better accountantsAnd as far as good news from Iraq, how many wrongs actually do make a right. I want us to succeed in Iraq just because we are there and leaving it worse off then it was would be immoral, but that does not change my opinion that we should not have gone into Iraq. It also does not change my opinion that the administration’s handling of the war has been criminally negligent at best. But, I would love good news so that my friends who are over there can come home and Iraqis can return to their homes or go out in public without worrying about getting blown up

  13. Gee Dusty I was just going to comment on today’s post. Where did it go? I was going to say if you think the arms deal is bad, look at it in the big picture and it will blow you away. This is a link to todays story. I hope you see it.

  14. Steve..did you read the piece or just run off at the mouth? Its about the middle class..its about education..its not about poor people per se.ok? Now read it again and comment..Thank You.Jim..the arm’s deal is bullshit..but I am out of town and on the I will check out your post when I have the time…Bless you for writing it 🙂

  15. Gee Dusty thanks but I thought you had one and I was going to comment on it but it disappered or am I on drugs or something? I am sure though that the big picture on that, that I wrote about today will blow you away.

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