Baghdad has no water..Thanks BushCo!

Christ, this is so disgusting I have no words to describe my anger. From AP comes this:

BAGHDAD – Much of the Iraqi capital was without running water Thursday and had been for at least 24 hours, compounding the urban misery in a war zone and the blistering heat at the height of the Baghdad summer. Residents and city officials said large sections in the west of the capital had been virtually dry for six days because the already strained electricity grid cannot provide sufficient power to run water purification and pumping stations. Baghdad routinely suffers from periodic water outages, but this one is described by residents as one of the most extended and widespread in recent memory. The problem highlights the larger difficulties in a capital beset by violence, crumbling infrastructure, rampant crime and too little electricity to keep cool in the sweltering weather more than four years after the U.S.-led invasion. Jamil Hussein, a 52-year-old retired army officer who lives in northeast Baghdad, said his house has been without water for two weeks, except for two hours at night. He says the water that does flow smells and is unclean. Two of his children have severe diarrhea that the doctor attributed to drinking what tap water was available, even after it was boiled. “We’ll have to continue drinking it, because we don’t have money to buy bottled water,” he said. Adel al-Ardawi, a spokesman for the Baghdad city government, said that even with sufficient electricity “it would take 24 hours for the water mains to refill so we can begin pumping to residents. And even then the water won’t be clean for a time. We just don’t have the electricity or fuel for our generators to keep the system flowing.” Noah Miller, spokesman for the U.S. reconstruction program in Baghdad, said that water treatment plants were working “as far as we know.”

Who the hell is Noah kidding? Wotta load of bullshit. There is more to the story if you care to read it..I just can’t put it up…its beyond reprehensible. There are millions of children, and elderly..and just ordinary human beings suffering in the heat..without a drop of water. Oh fuck yeah..they are so much better off after Saddam….

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  1. Bush already solved this problem. Here is what he said.“what do you mean they can’t afford bottled water? Don’t they know that a bottle of water is only $2?”.I have a link for you. I think you will like it. Keep it handy for use in the future.

  2. Of course they have waters, “as far as [they] know.” They don’t know! They simply don’t care enough to find out.

  3. Bush doesn’t see a water problem. In his mind they can always drink gutter water, if it ever rains.

  4. Thanks was funny and I will save it.As far as Baghdad goes..the temps are around 114, I just checked..this situation will kill children, the elderly and if it continues..just human’s in general. It should be a crime against humanity.

  5. Not having water flowing to their homes isn’t such a big deal since they all have central air and local 7/11s to get drinks from.

  6. RIght Scott..and I am the Goddess of HellFire.. 😛

  7. If he keeps up with the Global Warming crap, we won’t have any here either.

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