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Chauncey Bailey was the editor of Oakland CA’s Oakland Post. He was shot to death while he walked to work in the morning sunlight. The masked gunman walked up to him and calmly put 3 bullets into Mr. Bailey then boarded a van that pulled up to collect him. Mr. Bailey was dead before the ambulance arrived.

I read about this news item in a European newspaper, The Guardian. I don’t know what bothers me more..that a newspaper editor was assassinated in broad daylight in America or that the story is getting little attention in the MSM.

The group that is widely held as responsible for this murder/assassination is Muslim, precisely a black Muslim sect that Mr. Bailey, also African-American was investigating for financial irregularities. The sect, as noted by the Guardian, was: “founded by Yusef Bey, a black Muslim leader in Oakland whose followers preached a strict message of Islam and black political power. Bey’s followers have long been the subject of intense police and media scrutiny for their alleged use of strong-arm tactics in promoting their business interests and also shutting down stores that sold alcohol. Bey was also stridently anti-homosexual and awaited trial on 27 counts of sex crimes when he died of cancer in 2003.”

Mr. Bailey had written numerous stories about this specific group. This murder happened last Thursday and only now is getting attention outside the region where it happened. I of course googled Mr. Bailey’s name after reading the Guardian writeup. The San Jose Mercury News has been writing about it non-stop since it happened as has the SF Chron, but the large MSM publications like the LAT and the NYT are only giving it a one story writeup, and they don’t call this an assassination. Merriam-Webster defines as assassination thusly: to murder (a usually prominent person) by sudden or secret attack often for political reasons.

This isn’t a third world country where killing a newspaper editor is commonplace. This also isn’t something we have seen happen in my memory here in our country. Someone correct me if I am wrong. But it does eat at me and tug at my social conscience.

Some might label this as black on black crime. I see nothing of the sort in this case. It seems they wanted to silence Mr. Bailey and threatened him prior to his murder. To me it smacks of a gang who is hiding behind the cloak of religion. Whatever the case may be, its something that should bother all Americans and let me tell you why;

If we allow the thugs to silence our media we have nothing or no one left to tell us the truth. Silence by intimidation and assassination is not acceptable in a free country like ours. BushCo uses different methods of intimidation to gain the same result, but at least the asshats in the executive branch haven’t resorted to killing our editors and reporters.

These thugs have however, and our police and law enforcement groups have to weed them out and bring them down. The federal arm of law enforcement should be involved as well and the full measure of the rule of law needs to be meted out to these brazen sumbitches.

This kind of bullshit can not be tolerated. Nor should we tolerate the silence of the MSM on this issue.

Mr. Chauncey Bailey spent his life uncovering the dirt and the scumbags among us and he deserves more from his colleagues and more from federal law enforcement. It begs the question: Is this being ignored because of Mr. Bailey’s skin color? I hope to god that isn’t the case because that would only make it even more heinous and glaringly obvious.

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I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

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  1. I will correct my own blog. Here is the last time an assassinatio n of a reporter or editor has happened: <>“According to an advocacy group called the Committee to Protect Journalists, the last assassinatio n of a journalist in the U.S. occurred 14 years ago. The most famous was in 1976, when Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles, who frequently wrote about organized crime, was killed by a bomb beneath his car.”<>

  2. Dusty Very interesting. I did hear this just a couple times though and you are right. Most of the time if you want the truth on what really matters you have to go outside the country. I will be back after I get things together. I just wanted to make sure you got my response to a comment I just found. It really matters, this all just sucks. What to do? Dusty It is unbelievable to me that someone running for the Presideny can think something as asinine as bombing Medina and Mecca let alone say it. Worse is that there is a mindless section of people out here that fall right in line. That would cement this still just unfolding hell called our future. Man are we screwed! This is not chicken little talk. This is a rational thinking person fact. This morning when I woke up I was listening to the news about the failing infrastructure and how the States are all checking Bridges not. What the hell do we friggen pay them for. town planners, city planners, county planners, State Government, Feds, they crisis manage period. Any idiot can do that and they do. They do nothing until a crisis occurs. I was thinking of that in relation to the voting machine crisis and then remembering when I got out of the military in the 70s we had a water crisis here locally. I watched for years as they carelessly destroyed our watershed building homes then one day they wake up and say oh my God we have no water. What the hell is wrong with this so called Government. Back then I said they do not know how to manage but deal only in crisis management. Nothing has changed it has only gotten worse and it will get much worse as we head the way of the Roman Empire.

  3. Ole Blue The Heretic

    You know damn good and well that if it would have been a white editor it would have been on the news 24/7 and they would have interviewed his wife and kids on Larry King.

  4. Old makes me physically ill to think that is the case. Jim..its the whole mindset of the right..its sick.

  5. let’s see…– Mindless aggression for oligarchic gain… check!– Government “representitives” which ignore the will of their constituencies… check!– financial policies benefitting no one but the wealthiest citizens… check!– Corrupt and politically indepted national police worrying about citizen unrest rather than actual crime… check!– Assassination and intimidation of media… check!We’re still short on that kidnapping thing, but we’re well on the way to third-world country-hood.yippee.

  6. Jesus Christ just made my day with your worthy but totally depressing list.Fuck, are you saying its time to check out digs in Canada or England?

  7. Bailey’s assassination was the start of something very ugly in Oakland. There have been 8 murders in 4 days. Your Black Muslim Bakery has been raided and 8 people arrested on charges going back a decade, in addition to the Bailey murder. Violence all over the upper East Bay has been skyrocketing this year. The murder count is up 40% year on year. Mind boggling.

  8. The Feds need to get involved in Bailey’s murder..It has to be a federal crime to off a newspaper editor or reporter..if it isn’ should be damnit.

  9. Dusty, I did see this story mentioned on MSNBC a couple of times. They were quick, short and to the point. They mentioned the Black Muslim Bakery and the fact Chauncey had been doing a series of reports on them. However, you are right, I haven’t seen this on the front page. or have I watched any in depth report. Had he been a white female blonde reporter who was gunned down wearing a bikini in Aruba, things would be a lot different. Nancy Grace would be all over this.

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