Battles lines being drawn..

No words today..I don’t have any. So watch the video I created of the Human Rights Day Protest over in Santa Barbara from Dec of last year. Music courtesy of Buffalo Springfield. Speakers include Elizabeth DeLaVega a former fed prosecutor, Col.Ann Wright, Military Families Against the War and the Co-founder of The final speaker was a women who’s husband is active military and he is a conscientious objector being detained in Germany.

The last half of the pictures are courtesy of Thank you ed for allowing me to use your pictures 🙂

Or listen to the song..your choice:

About Dusty, hells most vocal bitch

I am a..brown Cali bitch that is quite the opinionated,political, pain-in-the-ass, in your face kinda girl that also loves baseball and music to a fault. Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.--Albert Einstein-*

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  1. Dusty, hats off to ya. This is by far the best moonbattiest video yet!I had to laugh at the “Military Families Speak Out” bit. They’re actually fighting against the grain that feeds them…

  2. Thanks Asshole..coming from you that means..absolutely nothing. 🙂How many more thousands are you willing to maim for The Oil War steve??

  3. Commenting in DustySpeak… OutFingStanding. 😉Don’t let the 26 percenters bother you. they are no longer relevant.

  4. Announcing the first annual Blog World Report Awards. Please < HREF="" REL="nofollow">drop by today<> and make your nominations in six categories. Thanks!

  5. They might not be relevant TomCat, but their leader is in the friggin White House.Thanks m’dear 🙂

  6. <>Thanks Asshole..coming from you that means..absolutely nothing. 🙂<>You’re welcome. I won’t bother with a comeback, but come on. Who in their right minds can seriously consider Code Pink as being anything but hilarious?Cheer up. I am starting to LOVE the Senate and Congress. heck, Bush can sign practically any bill into law, and I bet they pass it!

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