My President will be…

From Russ Feingold and the Progressive Patriots Fund comes this wonderful video. It seems during the YKos convention in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, PPF asked attendees to tell them one quality or attribute they wanted in their next President. Sadly, after watching the video I can testify that our current resident of the Oval Office has none of those great qualities in the video. The video reminds me of an old INXS video, the title of which escapes me.

If you go to their site, they have a download of the placard used in the video. They want you to fill it out and then take a photo of youself holding it to use on their website. A noble venture indeed my dear reader! Russ Feingold is one of the very FEW elected rep’s that I still trust. Sadly, the list is getting smaller all the time…

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