Mukasey embraces Unitary Executive Theory

After watching the confirmation hearings for Michael Mukasey the last couple of days, I have come to the conclusion that he is a Bushie of the highest order…just more intelligent than the others in that select group. Watch the exchange between Mukasey and Russ Feingold below regarding Bush and his ability to disobey laws he doesn’t like or impede his power.

Mukasey tries to backtrack on the second day by saying its not a black and white issue..its a grey area. I call bullshit on that one right here and now. Its either the constitution or the president that holds sway. If BushCo believes in the Unitary Executive Theory and that it applies to all things Presidential, and there is no doubt about it my dear reader, they do…then they also believe they have the right to ignore parts of the constitution.

I call bullshit on that here and now. I also believe Mukasey will toss the Constitution under the bus when BushCo wants something bad enough.

As Crooks and Liars, and then Keith Olbermann pointed out tonight; “Mukasey vowed to end Justice Department “stonewalling,” and insisting he would resign if Bush tried to do something unconstitutional. No more partisan considerations in employment, Mukasey said. No more “unilateralism,” he promised.

Then the second day of Q&A began. As the CarpetBagger Report points out it didn’t go too well for defenders of the Constitution:

In response to questions about authorizing surveillance, Mukasey suggested there may be circumstances in which the president can ignore federal law. In response to questions about waterboarding, Mukasey would only say, “If waterboarding is torture, torture is not constitutional.”

Its all bs and I know it and you know it my dear reader. When the Democrats finally quit pandering to Mukasey and asked him the hard questions..he sounded like a true Bushie, meaning that Presidential power trumps everything.

So, to paraphrase an old rock song: meet the new AG..same as the old AG.

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