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Sunday morning blogs worth reading

Today is a damp and dreary Sunday here in the San Joaquin valley. But it’s a good sports day for moi, so I am not in a writing mood. For those in a reading mood, here are some good posts up at Sirens Chronicles:

Donatra gives us her reasons for being a proud Liberal.

BibleBelted makes his case for why Bush43 and Manson were separated at birth.

Another post in their series on the 14 Points of Fascism and how they relate to the extreme right and BushCo in particular. This one is on sexism.

And, the Angry Dakota Democrat gives us a goodie on the flap generated by the reichwing nutjobs over what ended up to be a non-issue: Soros ownership of a health insurance corporation.

Last, but not least by any means..Dave links to a good read and gives us his take on an Esquire article about why Iran is the new Iraq..but its not really new..ya know what I mean?

There you have it..some good reading for a Sunday afternoon my dear blogging buds. I have to go park my ass in front of the boob tube for my Sunday sports extravaganza which starts with football, moves to stockcar racing and ends with hopefully a BoSox World Series win. 🙂

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What a real military recruitment ad should look like

Hat tip to Chuck and DonkeyOD for posting this video on their blogs. You know how the Big Pharma ads tout their product and then quickly give you the side effects at the end? Well, this one does the same for enlistment it all the way through.

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Iraq, Iran..same propaganda right?

From the folks at Americans Against Escalation in Iraq we get this little number from MSNBC:

Same bullshit, just a different country folks..BushCo just recycles their propaganda..amazing.

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Gee, ya think???

The New York Times gives us this..and says its news? Please, this crappola isn’t news..except for the fact that the Democraps are finally fallling out of love with Mukasey after the last day of his nomination hearing when he sidestepped the waterboarding/torture issue. I hoped he was toast. Oh, and I love this line from the White House flunky:

”As he always does, Judge Mukasey will answer all questions from the Judiciary Committee in a clear and forthright manner,” said White House spokesman Tony Fratto

Give me an effin break..are they all stupid or do they think we are? This craptastic nonsense is on my last nerve. Mukasey was side stepping questions with ease, he seemed to be a pro at it.

But the Dem’s are talking in code lately..the only one coming out and saying he won’t vote to confirm Mukasey is my beloved Bernie Sanders. Chuckie Schumer looks like an idiot at this point since he was the Democrat that suggested Mukasey. In case you didn’t catch Mukasey’s dancing moves regarding torture..let me give you part of the transcript:

”It is not constitutional for the United States to engage in torture in any form, be it waterboarding or anything else,” Mukasey answered at one point.

But during terse questioning by Whitehouse, Mukasey said he did not know if waterboarding is torture because he is not familiar with how it is done.

‘That’s a massive hedge,” Whitehouse responded incredulously. ”It either is or it isn’t.”

If it amounts to torture, it is not constitutional,” Mukasey answered. ”I’m very disappointed in that answer,” Whitehouse said. ”I think it is purely semantic.”

I saw the video of this exchange..and I just shook my head in disgust. The man is a Bushie through and through. My only question is how many Dem’s will vote to confirm this asshat.

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BP to pay $373mil to make some problems go away..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketFirst off, its complete bs that British Petroleum-BP can do this. There should be criminal charges filed against these mofo’s at every level of management my dear reader. Per an AP writeup, they are buying their way out of the following problems:

BP PLC is taking a multimillion dollar broom to sweep away a slew of federal charges linked to energy price fixing, a deadly refinery blast and pipeline leaks and focus on its energy business.

The more than $373 million in settlements announced Thursday are part of the company’s attempt to get rid of the problems left over from the stewardship of former chief executive John Browne and move ahead with the recently announced restructuring of Europe’s second-largest oil company.

On top of the fines and restitution, four former BP employees were indicted by a federal grand jury in Chicago on 20 counts of mail and wire fraud connected to a scheme to manipulate energy markets.

The bulk of the fines — $303.5 million — aim to punish BP for conspiring to fix propane prices in 2003 and 2004.

Screw ‘punishing’ them..put their smarmy asses in jail for Christ sakes for the murder of their employees. I know if I commit a crime, I can’t buy my way out of it..can you? But this huge corporation can and will. Also..who is going to pay back the citizens that got screwed when these jackasses colluded to fix prices?

This reminds me of the last post I did here ..about fixing the price of natural gas on the commodities market.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketLook at this picture of the plant in TX that blew to hell because BP was cutting corners on safety. People died in this explosion. And BP gets to just pay a fucking fine. Amazing.

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