Schumer and Feinstein back Mukasey

Two Dem’s are backing Mukasey for AG..the two should not surprise you my dear reader:

DiFi and Chuckie..aka Feinstein and Schumer.

The NYT, that old grey lady, has a writeup about them and their vote, to wit:

The confirmation of Michael B. Mukasey as attorney general seemed all but assured late this afternoon when Senators Charles E. Schumer and Dianne Feinstein, two Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, announced that they would vote in favor of the nominee.


Mr. Schumer said his decision had been “extremely difficult,” and that a big factor was Mr. Mukasey’s opinion, conveyed to him this afternoon, that “were Congress to pass a law banning certain interrogation techniques, we would clearly be acting within our constitutional authority.” Senator Feinstein said that, whatever Mr. Mukasey’s shortcomings, he “is not Alberto Gonzales.” Ms. Feinstein had been a sharp critic of the former attorney general.

For the love of pete ONE is ‘Berto’ ya dumb bitch. As for Schumer’s explanation..I can only say couldn’t of been THAT difficult you bastard. I have known for some time that Feinstein is a DINO..but just this year became aware that Schumer is one as well.

It pains me to say, once again..some of the most powerful Dem’s have hoodwinked us, they are turncoats my dear reader. As such, they need to be voted out of office when they come up for re-election.

Its a no-brainer for progressives..and we need to make it the same for American’s who love our country and its Constitution. Get them out of office..retire their worthless asses. Sell-out sumbitches that they are. With Democrats like these in office..we don’t have to worry about Rethugs do we?

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