Going to hell in a handbasket..Pakistan-style

Have you been paying attention to Pakistan? Its all going downhill at warp speed there. Today, the lil Dictator, aka General Pervez Musharraf, had all the activists and lawyers rounded up and arrested. Via the IHT link, we get the newest:

About 500 opposition party workers, lawyers and human rights activists were arrested Sunday as the government of General Pervez Musharraf tried to consolidate its control after imposing emergency rule.

About a dozen privately run television news stations remained off the air, and international channels, including the BBC and CNN, were suspended. In the city of Lahore, police officers armed with tear gas tried to break up a meeting of regime opponents at the headquarters of the Pakistan Human Rights Commission. They took dozens of people away in police vans.

Around the country, at least 80 lawyers were arrested in an apparent bid to head off demonstrations that lawyers’ groups had planned for Monday.

Of course, the US official position is strained at the moment, and it leaves little to the imagination. It seems Bush’s dance partner left the party with someone else..

A U.S.-backed military dictator who is risking civil instability in a country with nuclear weapons and an increasingly alienated public.

Nukes..these folks have nukes my dear reader. Shaky fingers should not be anywhere near that special button..or phone, whatever the case may be. Condo said whatever she could without really saying anything. This also is an important fact that shouldn’t be lost:

The United States has given more than $10 billion in aid to Pakistan since 2001, and much of it goes to the military.

Damn, that is money down the fucking drain ain’t it, our propped-up head of state went off the deep end? And don’t get me started about the nukes..arresting people because of their beliefs and nothing more?

But BushCo will stand behind their lil dictator..you know that right? Oh man, and get this…

Musharraf quoted Abraham Lincoln when he read his State of Emergency decree on State-run tv Saturday night..I shit you not.

Benazir Bhutto said: “This is not emergency, this is martial law.” (emphasis mine for obvious reasons)

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