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Winners of the Golden Dukes announced!

You can watch the video over there>>>>>> on the sidebar..or read the writeup here at the TPM website. There are some surprises and some expected winners. They are of course named after California’s own Randy Duke Cunningham..may he enjoy his golden years in that federal prison.. ;p

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The year in Corruption

Click the image for a larger version in all its glory!

A heartfelt thank you to the wonderful folks over at TPMmuckraker. They have taken the time to build a list of who’s who in the world of political corruption for the past year. Their standards were strict my dear reader, which is why Karl Rove didn’t make the cut. They insisted on proof positive that the individual was guilty of corruption..and sadly, no one has actually busted/indicted Krazy Karl yet. Hint: the list contains 39 infidels and 5 still under investigation. Also, a TPM reader, DavidSilver, has created a nice pictorial homage to these fuckwits here. Now, onto the list!

Indicted / Convicted/ Pled Guilty

* Eric G. Andell – deputy undersecretary in charge of newly created Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools (previously senior adviser to Secretary of Education Rod Paige) – pleaded guilty to one count of conflict of interest for using government travel for personal causes and was sentenced to one year of probation, 100 hours of community service, and fined $5,000.

* Claude Allen – Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy- resigned, pled guilty to shoplifting from Target stores.

* Lester Crawford – Commissioner, FDA – resigned in late September 2005 after only two months on the job. On October 17th, he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts, making a false writing and conflict of interest. On February 27, 2007, Crawford was sentenced to to three years of probation and was fined $90,000.

* Brian Doyle – Deputy Press Secretary, Department of Homeland Security – Resigned in wake of child sex scandal. Doyle was arrested on April 4th, 2006 and pleaded no contest on September 19, 2006 to seven counts of use of a computer to seduce a child and sixteen counts of transmitting harmful material to a minor. On November 17th, 2006 Brian Doyle was sentenced to five years in state prison and ten years of probation. He will also need to register as a sex offender.

* Steven Griles – Deputy Secretary at the Interior Department – is the highest-ranked administration official yet convicted in the Jack Abramoff scandal. In March 2007, Griles pleaded guilty to lying about his role in the Jack Abramoff scandal. Sentenced to 10 months incarceration.

* John T. Korsmo – Chairman of the Federal Housing Finance Board from 2002 to 2004 – pleaded guilty in 2005 to lying to the Senate and an inspector general. He swore he had no idea how a list of presidents for FHFB-regulated banks were invited to a fundraiser for his friend’s congressional campaign. On the invites, Korsmo was listed as the “Special Guest.” Got 18 months of probation and a $5,000 fine.

* Scooter Libby – Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff – resigned after being indicted for lying to a grand jury and investigators in connection with the investigation stemming from the leak of Valerie Wilson’s covert CIA operative’s identity. Convicted on four of five counts, making him the highest-ranking White House official to be convicted of a felony since the Iran-contra scandal. Sentenced to thirty months imprisonment and a fine of $250,000. On July 2nd, after a judge decided that Libby would remain in prison during the appeals process, President Bush commuted Libby’s sentence by removing the thirty months in prison.

* David Safavian – former head of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy at the Office of Management and Budget – convicted of lying to ethics officials and Senate investigators about his ties to lobbyist Jack Abramoff. On October 27, 2006, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. He is currently appealing the ruling.

* Robert Stein – former comptroller and funding officer for the now disbanded Coalition Provisional Authority, Southern Central Region in Al-Hillah, Iraq – pleaded guilty to conspiracy, bribery, conspiracy to commit money laundering, possession of a machine gun, and being a felon in possession of a fire arm. On January 30, 2007 Stein was sentenced to nine years in prison and ordered to forfeit $3.6 million.

  • Roger Stillwell – desk officer, Interior Department – pleaded guilty to failing to report Redskins tickets and free dinners from Jack Abramoff.

The rest of the infidels list is quite you need to click here to check out the rest of these smarmy bastards.

Bring your hip-waders, its getting thick..

The doctors who attended to Benazir Bhutto have run as fast as they can from the government’s version of how she died. You remember that one don’t you? The ‘hitting her head on a lever’ line? From the NYT writeup:

Athar Minallah, a board member of the hospital where Ms. Bhutto was treated, released her medical report along with an open letter showing that her doctors wanted to distance themselves from the government theory that Ms. Bhutto had died by hitting her head on a lever of her car’s sunroof during the attack.

In his letter, Mr. Minallah, who is also a prominent lawyer, said the doctors believed that an autopsy was needed to provide the answers to how she actually died. Their request for one last Thursday was denied by the local police chief.

Seems to be quite the cover-up doesn’t it? Her husband didn’t want an autopsy, the government didn’t want an autopsy..but her doctors and everyone else in the world want one.

In other news..Bhutto’s 19-year old son will lead the PPP party..assisted of course by his father, Asif Ali Zardari. That is one helluva load to put on a kid that isn’t even old enough to drink yet. In another surprise move, Nawaz Sharif, another former prime minister, also decided Sunday to call off his previously announced boycott of the vote. From the NYT writeup:

The announcement that Ms. Bhutto’s first-born son, Bilawal, an Oxford undergraduate with no political experience, would lead her party was made at a chaotic news conference at the family’s ancestral home here in a southern Pakistan village.

His father, Asif Ali Zardari, said he would manage the chairmanship on his son’s behalf until he finished his university degree, for a minimum of three years.

To make it interesting, Bilawal is changing his last name from Zardari to his mothers maiden name..Bhutto. Things in Pakistan keep getting curiouser and curiouser..

The biggest and best bullshit lines of 2007..from both parties.

This is courtesy of They do not play favorites as you will see. But it does tell us how full of bullshit and bravado BOTH parties are, which is a crying shame if you ask me. But you didn’ without further ado..the long-ass list of bs foisted upon us as the truth and nothing but the truth:

What follows is not an exhaustive list, but a sampler of the worst falsehoods and distortions that we uncovered during the year, in no particular order. For more details and our documentation on any of the items, follow the links to read the original articles.

This is a fairly long writeup, so bring your lunch or just skim for the goodies.
To here.

Image is everything..even to the CIA

Check out this article at the NYT today. Its all about how important image has become to the boyz and girlz at the CIA. Seems the CIA was paranoid that Abu Zubaydah would die whilst in their custody, so the following is what they did to protect their ‘image’:

So in the spring of 2002, even as the intelligence officers flew in a surgeon from Johns Hopkins Hospital to treat Abu Zubaydah, who had been shot three times during his capture in Pakistan, they set up video cameras to record his every moment: asleep in his cell, having his bandages changed, being interrogated.

In fact, current and former intelligence officials say, the agency’s every action in the prolonged drama of the interrogation videotapes was prompted in part by worry about how its conduct might be perceived — by Congress, by prosecutors, by the American public and by Muslims worldwide.

That worry drove the decision to begin taping interrogations — and to stop taping just months later, after the treatment of prisoners began to include waterboarding. And it fueled the nearly three-year campaign by the agency’s clandestine service for permission to destroy the tapes, culminating in a November 2005 destruction order from the service’s director, Jose A. Rodriguez Jr.

Ah yes, the destruction of the Torture Tapes. One can only hope that move was illegal enough to strike fear into the hearts of every asshole that took part in the decision. Its a good read, and I highly recommend you check it out my dear reader.

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