Can a Mormon beat a Baptist Preacher in Iowa?

Today, Mitt the Mormon will deliver a speech about religion, entitled ‘Faith in America’ at the George Bush Memorial library in College Station, Texas.

I love where he is doing this..irony indeed! But it does give me pause to ask;

WTF Mitt? the first votes for President will be coming out of Iowa you dipshit..

As a young man shot down during the last world war, George H.W. Bush told an interviewer from the Wall Street Journal that this was what went through his mind:

“I thought about mother and dad and the strength I got from them — and God and faith and the separation of church and state.”–Laughing my fucking ass off folks..seriously..isn’t this funny? Well, it’s ironic because almost to the day Bush41 was shot down..Mitt the Mormon is giving a lil speech about religion in H.W’s library.

Any who..Slate has a humorous read up about Mitt’s speech. Read it and laugh folks..because according to Article 6 of our constitution..its against the law to bust a man’s(or woman’s) chops about his/her religion when he/she is running for an elected office, yet religion is one of the main points in this friggin race..go figure. From the Salon writeup:

Even with this tangled history, it is hard to recall a campaign year when electing a president has been so wrapped up in religion. Huckabee’s new TV ads promote him as a “Christian leader”; the recent CNN-YouTube debate demanded that GOP presidential contenders reveal whether they believe every word in the Bible in a literal sense; and even Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are eager to testify to their religious faith. How far we have come in just four years from the 2004 NPR debate in Iowa in which John Kerry bravely confessed, “My experience in Vietnam … made me question [my faith] for a period of time.”

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