Jay Rockefeller and House Intel committee are highly pissed.

It should come as no surprise that once everyone in Congress, that thinks for themselves, read the fine print on the CIA tape destruction issue, heads were exploding and nasty letters were being written to the jackass that runs the CIA..namely Michael V. Hayden. From TPMmuckraker we get the pov of Jay Rockefeller:

Senate intelligence committee chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) had said yesterday that the CIA told him about its destruction of videotaped interrogations in “November 2006.”

But oops — in a new statement just released to the press, he says he spoke too soon. It turns out he knew about the tapes’ existence in 2003, but only found out about their destruction yesterday.

“Last night, the CIA informed me that it believes that the leadership of the Senate Intelligence Committee was told of the decision to destroy the tapes in February 2003 but was not told of their actual destruction until a closed committee hearing held in November 2006.

“The committee has located no record of either being informed of the 2003 CIA decision or being notified late last year of the tapes having being destroyed. A review of the November 2006 hearing transcript finds no mention of tapes being destroyed. “While the existence of the videotapes was known to me in 2003 in my capacity as then-Vice Chairman of the committee, I was not told of the CIA’s decision to destroy the tapes and I was not aware of their destruction until yesterday’s press reports.

Now, I really hope to Buddha that some heads roll about this bullshit…seriously. There was no earthly reason to destroy those tapes other than the fact that the idiots doing the torturing were breaking US law among other things.

Hayden, in advance of the NYT bombshell the other day, sent out a memo that stated the CIA had informed folks on the Intel committee about the destruction of said tapes. Not so fast there Fuckwit….according to the Politico writeup..your bat-shit crazy on that point:

“Based upon available records and our best recollection, this simply is not true,” said a joint letter from House intelligence committee Chairman Silvestre Reyes (D-Calif.) and the committee’s ranking member and former chairman, Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.).

Kennedy..on the floor of Senate today had this nice comparison of the current crappola by the CIA, accusing the CIA of a cover-up and compared the actions to “the eighteen-and-a-half-minute gap in the tapes of President Richard Nixon.” (emphasis mine)

Oh, this better be more than feigned anger. You nimrods better tar and feather someone over this crap.

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