Half Past Autumn, the Life and Works of Gordon Parks.

Mr. Parks was a photographer, novelist, journalist, poet, musician and filmmaker. His works are chronicled in a documentary I watched Sunday on HBO. I have admired Mr. Parks works since I was in high school, but was unfamiliar with his musical talents. This wonderful documentary starts at his birth and goes through his entire life. Its a beautifully made piece, with plenty of Mr. Park’s photography, musical compositions and interviews with people,famous and non-famous, that impacted his life.

A great synopsis of his life is contained here on a website which mirrors the movie’s trip though his works. Bigotry and racism were part of Gordon Parks life and it has a place in his work and this documentary as well. His fashion photography was also a part of his life I was unaware of. Below are a few of his photo’s, the first is the well known American Gothic, shot in 1942.

The second and third are of his fashion shoots when he was living in Paris for Life magazine.

Parks was a truly gifted and talented man of various mediums..who never finished high school at a time when African Americans in college were rare and almost non-existent. He went on to receive over 40 honorary college degrees. For a great taste of his various types of photography..check out this site hosted by Kodak.

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