Trent Lott wastes no time setting up shop.

Trent baby set up business with a former Democrap, John Breaux out of Louisiana. He calls it a *cough bipartisan cough*lobbying firm. He also keeps it ‘all in the family’ by hiring his and his partner’s son and his former top aide/asskisser Bret K. Boyles. From the WaPo article:

Breaux and Lott, who together have more than 70 years of experience in the House and Senate, first talked about such a partnership decades ago when they lived across the street from one another in Annandale. The families remain very close, with Chet Lott and John Breaux Jr. serving as groomsmen in each other’s weddings.

The important part is of course the House and Senate experience..they cover both the bases my dear reader! Less than two months ago Trent retired and man, did he work quickly! Right..this has been in the works for some time..who’s kidding who here?

In order to cover his ass, Trent had his kid do some of the ground work: Chet Lott bought the Web site domain name “,” but the former senators said they were not involved in serious talks until after Lott retired.-Sure thing gents..wanna buy a bridge?

Lott also lied through his teeth by “saying most of his new business would be “strategic consulting” for corporate clients seeking to navigate the Capitol, rather than direct lobbying of former colleagues.” Read the rest of this bs at the link at the top.

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