The Traditional Media and our election

I have the so-called MSM listed as “traditional” media in the title because there are other ways to get our news now, and for that I am so friggin grateful.

I define the traditional media as the big three networks (CBS, NBC and ABC) plus the major newspapers like the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune and other regional powerhouses that are owned by huge conglomerates. Also, the radio airwaves, although not as powerful as they once were, are also part of the traditional media. Generally speaking, any media form owned and operated by a big-assed corporation is in this mix ok?

Now, by big-assed corporation, I mean a corporation that is either publicly or privately owned, but the kicker is that they own lots and lots of other companies which might or might not also be considered media outlets. For a complete, and I do mean complete listing of these conglomerates, check out the Columbia Journalism Review site here. It’s interacting in that you utilize a pull down menu that contains all the players in the Traditional Media and who owns them, along with what else they own.

Lets look at General Electric as an example. They own NBC and the following companies:

  • 14 Local tv Stations

  • 14 US Telemundo Stations


  • CNBC


  • Bravo

  • Mun2TV

  • Sci-Fi

  • Trio

  • USA

  • Universal Pictures

  • Universal Parks & Resorts

  • Paxson Communications(30%)

  • NBC Universal Television Studio

  • NBC Universal Television Distribution

  • Other General Electric Businesses

  • GE Aircraft Engines

  • GE Commercial Finance

  • GE Consumer Products

  • GE Industrial Systems

  • GE Insurance

  • GE Medical Systems

  • GE Plastics

  • GE Power Systems

  • GE Specialty Materials

  • GE Transportation Systems

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