Senators say Not so fast Frat Boy!

The Shrub wagged his finger and told Congress to just pass the damn bill. He threatened, he cajoled, he sternly issued a warning(“I strongly believe it would be a mistake to delay or derail this bill,”) and yet..

Yet Both parties want more added to Bush’s bullshit stimulus package according to WaPo this morning.

I say amen mutha fuckas..get to it. Load that bitch up. Perhaps Bohner will cry again when he sees what the Senate Finance Committee comes up with. Only this will be real tears because Bohner and his boy Bush won’t be getting their way. From the WaPo writeup:

But there is nothing partisan about the opposition developing ahead of next week’s meeting of the Senate Finance Committee, which will draft its own economic stimulus bill. Republicans and Democrats alike said the administration does not have the right to force a plan on senators who had no say on its details.

Try adding items that will actually help those struggling ya dumb sumbitches. Like extending unemployment for all those folks laid off in the construction trades due to the friggin housing market taking a huge shit. Wait..thats not what they want to add to it? Apparently not:

Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.), chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, told Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. and other administration officials that he will try to add a tax break for corporations that quickly reinvest overseas profits in the United States. None of the officials offered opposition.

Give me an effin’ break..the Corporatocracy doesn’t need help you jackass..the people are suffering for Christ’s sake. Like elderly folks that have to choose between buying their medicine and food. Food that is skyrocketing price-wise through the fucking stratosphere.

As The Shrub spoke to his loyal followers..aka a meeting of Republicans in some cushy appeared they weren’t real keen on his package:

His audience appeared lukewarm about the stimulus plan. Conservatives have complained that it redistributes wealth for political reasons and would be ineffective at jump-starting the economy. When Bush praised Pelosi and Boehner for their leadership in building it, the Republicans did not react until a White House aide at the back of the room started the applause.

So basically we have Rethugs that want the folks at the top of the food chain to get the bulk of the largess…and here I thought they might actually care about the masses…

Silly fucking me. But WAIT! some politico’s back home in DC do still care:

In Washington, however, senators were busy drawing up lists of potentially costly additions to the package. Collins said a bipartisan coalition of Northeastern and Midwestern senators will push to secure as much as $800 million in heating assistance for the poor, a provision that House Democratic leaders dropped in favor of securing payments for about 35 million families who earn too little to pay income tax.

Praise Jeebus! There just might be some elected reps that actually give a shit about the poor folks, and those who have been increasingly struggling to make ends meet under the Bush Regime. Collins is a Rethug my dear reader and Buddha bless her, she is thinking of the masses. What a concept!

Collins said she will push to restore about $12.5 billion in unemployment benefits and $5 billion in food-stamp extensions that House negotiators also eliminated, a call echoed by her fellow Maine Republican, Sen. Olympia J. Snowe, who vowed to add funds next week in the Finance Committee. Snowe will be joined by another Republican on the committee, Sen. Gordon Smith (Ore.).

Methinks this package won’t be a slam dunk for The Shrub..and it warms the cockles of my little black heart don’t cha know? The Republican’s that still care are pushing back! Sound the alert! Nothing better than watching the Rethugs eat their own..nothing, except maybe watching them tar and feather the Idiot-in-Chief and drag him out of town kicking and screaming..but thats a recurring dream I have, excuse me for fantasizing. ;>p Nothing better than a Rethug Rebellion..nothing!

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