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On the road again…

I will be traveling today for a 10-day stint of house/dog sitting at a palatial estate in the wine country of Temecula.

I also have a massive migraine. Ah well..such is life.

In any case, I would like to suggest that you visit Sirens Chronicles today, we have plenty of political fare for you to digest over there. It’s as varied as the wonderful writers, the latest subjects and issues tackled are guaranteed to make you think:

Dizzy Dezzy on the latest Republican Sex Scandal.

Betmo on Obama’s open letter to the LGBT community.

Angry Black Bitch ponders a post-bullshit America.

Karen and Rachel discuss the religious wingnuts and conservatives and their culture of death.

There are plenty of archives..please do visit..I will return to ranting and raving tomorrow morning as I sit pool-side with the puppies in the warm California sun ;>)

Dick Gregory apologizes to "The First Black President"

Thank you to the Unapologetic Mexican for having this up on his site.

Hot damn Mr. rock kind sir!

Nader picks Matt Gonzalez as his Veep.

Matt Gonzalez is a San Franciscan. From Wiki:

Matthew Edward Gonzalez (born June 4, 1965) is an American politician and attorney, artist, and activist who was a prominent figure in San Francisco politics during the years 2000-2004. Gonzalez was a member and president of San Francisco County’s Board of Supervisors. (As a consolidated city-county, the only such municipality in California, San Francisco does not have a traditional city council. Instead, the county board of supervisors acts as the legislative branch of government, while the mayor of the city acts as the executive branch.) He was also one of the first Green Party candidates elected to public office in the Bay Area. In 2003, Gonzalez ran for mayor of San Francisco but lost to in a close race to Democrat Gavin Newsom. He currently practices law in San Francisco.

The SFChron has a very short writeup about him here. Gonzalez also did an OpEd for them yesterday, which you can read here. I would like to suggest you check it out..the OpEd..its about Obamamania..

I don’t know him..but I like him already. 😉

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McCain’s apology is bat guano.

When Weathervane McCain issued an apology for the idiot Bill Cunningham’s rabid remarks the other day..many was heartfelt.

Bull-friggin-shit it was.

Today, Crooks & Liars has a video up of Ol’ Billy C on Hannity’s show saying that he was told to do what he did. A direct quote from the idiot:

Cunningham: His people told me to give the faithful red meat. Give them red—raw—meat.

So, don’t tell me that McCain was sorry..he was just sorry it became an issue.


Surely as there is a sunrise tomorrow, the United States has once again blow off something they swore to uphold. This time around its the United Nations CONVENTION ON ELIMINATION OF all forms OF RACIAL DISCRIMINATION.

In 1994, the US Senate ratified this treaty, wherein they promised to “provide reports every two years on racial discrimination in the United States. The reports were to include anywhere in the world where the US military is in charge. In other words, the United States military, no matter where it was on the globe, agreed to report discrimination. That now includes Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.”

One Hundred and Seventy-three nations signed this treaty. All of them, including the US, promised to provide reports on their countries progress or lack of it in certain areas such as health care, education and prison terms. There was a two day meeting on the most recent reports submitted by the participating nations. The U.S. government submitted a 115-page report (pdf) and sent a 25 person delegation to Geneva to defend its..cough.. record. Who contributed to this report?

This report was prepared by the U.S. Department of State with extensive assistance from the White House, the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and other relevant departments and agencies of the federal government and of the states. Contributions were also solicited and received from interested members of the numerous non-governmental organizations and other public interest groups active in the area of civil rights, civil liberties, and human rights in the United States.

As to how many outside groups actually participated it’s unknown. My guess is the bulk of the report was prepared by “Bushies” which control all areas of the federal government as we all are aware of at this point in time. Especially after numerous Congressional hearings regarding the dismissed AG’s and the politicization of all branches of our federal government.

A coalition of 250 delegates has taken issue with the US and it’s handling of discrimination at the conference, stating we, as a nation, have failed dismally to live up to our obligations. U.S. Human Rights Network Executive Director, Ajamu Baraka gives us his take on the matter:

“The persistent and systematic issues of racial discrimination have not been addressed by this government,” said Baraka. “From Katrina, the ongoing crisis of Katrina in the Gulf Coast in the south, migrant rights, the ongoing police brutality, housing issues-we find that these issues have escaped the scrutiny and the readjustment by the U.S. government in their obligation to the CERD (Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination) treaty.”

To continue reading, click here.

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