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This is a great post about the bullshit that is the United States of America, although it starts out on a different issue..that of Timor. A short blurb:
Is the US a failed state? The thought came to my mind three times in one day, so it is begging for a response.

First, the issue of “failed states” was raised by Alan Narin, journalist and long-time human rights activist on behalf of the people of East Timor. In response to a question about the recent assassination attempt against the Timorese president, Narin said[3]:

Some are saying Timor is a failed state, that here the international community has been pouring all this money into Timor, and all they get out of it is chaos. I think those comments distort the situation.


Then Narin turns the lens on the United States:

But if you’re going to judge other states by that standard, you would have to say that, say, Australia or Indonesia or the US are much more of a failed state than Timor is, because those are countries that have been killing civilians overseas.

And the evidence on the second point is glaring. The US government failed dramatically in preparing for and responding to Hurricane Katrina. Years after Katrina, New Orleans remains a disaster area, due in great part to failures of the state.

GDAEman has some good stuff up on his blog..and I would like to suggest if you have a minute or three you check him out. I like his name and what it signifies too 🙂 If you do drop by his humble abode..let me know.

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