Your Friday corruption post

TPMmuckraker has a post up about HUD Director Alphonso Jackson. Seems Mr. Jackson is a loyal Bushie to the max. He didn’t blink an eye at punishing Philadelphia’s public housing director Carl R. Greene for refusing to transfer a piece of city property to a business friend of Jackson’s. From the TPM writeup:

Federal investigators are currently probing the limits of Jackson’s cronyism and whether he lied to congressional and HUD investigators when he proclaimed that he doesn’t touch contracts. Besides that, a suit by Philadelphia’s public housing director has exposed some of the embarrassing goings-on under Jackson. In testimony before Congress, Jackson has refused to comment on any of this, saying that he won’t comment on an ongoing investigation.

To read the emails which started this probe, check out this article at WaPo. Just a taste of the email’s which show how HUD officials plotted against Mr. Greene’s agency:

“Would you like me to make his life less happy? If so, how?” Orlando J. Cabrera, then-assistant secretary at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, wrote about Philadelphia housing director Carl R. Greene.

“Take away all of his Federal dollars?” responded Kim Kendrick, an assistant secretary who oversaw accessible housing. She typed symbols for a smiley-face, “:-D,” at the end of her January 2007 note.

Cabrera wrote back a few minutes later: “Let me look into that possibility.”

Friggin amazing..this crap never ceases to amaze me.


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