The 10 Worst Corporations on the planet

By abusers, the report means companies that run afoul of economic and environmental laws. Corporate Accountability International (CAI), picked the companies and they invite everyone to vote on which ones they think are the worst of the worst. From the CommonDreams writeup:

The eight corporations named by CAI are accused of influencing elected officials, undermining democratic decision-making, and endangering the environment and public health. Global warming, war profiteering, and predatory lending figure prominently in the polls.

In other words, some real smarmy bastards my dear reader. Hang on to your hats, here they are:

ADM-Archer Daniels Midland








The CommonDreams piece has a short explanation of why each corporation was included, as does the voting site. You can vote for the worst offender here. Vote early and often! 😉 As we all know, The Corporatocracy has had 8 banner years under BushCo.

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