Global Day for Darfur

QuakerDave has a post up about today. As usual, I am a day late and a devalued dollar short..but I will bring up this topic to educate and make us all aware of what is happening in Darfur..and goes largely ignored by the media in general.

The deathtoll in Darfur is a nightmare, a real nightmare…The children..that is what surrounds me the most..the affect on the children of Darfur. The most innocent of victims.

Five years of war means there are now school-aged children that have experienced nothing but violence in their short lives.

A million children have grown up in refugee camps. A million. Over 2.6 million people are estimated to have been displaced.

Today is the Global Day for Darfur. Citizens around the world will call on their governments and the United Nations to act decisively to get the joint UN-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) on the ground more fully and more quickly so that the children of Darfur – and the millions of civilians affected by five years of brutal violence and displacement – can live in peace.

Take a moment and visit here: The Voice of Darfur. Each picture holds an audio file, a story of the horror that is Darfur..five years on.

Here is a post I wrote in January of this year about the signing statement Bush added to the Sudan Divestiture Bill he signed. Our Fuckwit-in-Chief can not even bring himself to do what twenty-two states and more than fifty universities have already done.. passed and honor divestment measures from problematic companies in Sudan.

Our federal government condones the murder and genocide in Darfur with Bush’s signing statement..but we do not have to.

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