McCain’s healthcare plan; created by the healthcare industry

I know McCain isn’t stupid..but for the love of Buddha wtf is the deal with asking healthcare industry lobbyists to craft a plan for him? From CAF we get this lil tidbit:

McCain and his handlers knew they had to say something about health care. So they turned to their friends (and financial supporters) in the health care industry and the conservative think tanks. And they have adopted the most extreme right-wing ideological approach, premised on the idea that the big problem in health care is that Americans have too much insurance – in their words, we don’t have enough “skin in the game” – and that only when we have to buy health care with money that comes directly out of our own pockets will consumers force doctors, hospitals and insurance companies to become more efficient.

Tax credits…the asshole wants to give us all tax credits so we can buy our own insurance. Of course many of us have pre-existing McCain will make the states set up an insurance pool for people like me. As for his tax is the amount he is offering from a CNN writeup:

Under McCain’s heath care plan, individuals would be eligible for a $2,500 credit and families a $5,000 credit to help pay for health insurance if they do not subscribe to, or do not have access to, employer-provided health care coverage. The government would send the money directly to insurers


I know for a fact that 2500 bucks isn’t enough to give ANYONE decent healthcare coverage. Who is this fuckwit kidding? Also take into account he wants to tax health care premiums that are paid for by employers. How is this progress? This will cause most, if not all employers to refuse to provide healthcare insurance for their employees. Again from the CAF writeup:

But McCain, like George Bush, pays more attention to ultra-conservative theory than he does to the facts. So McCain wants to tax workers’ health care premiums that are paid for by employers. Ask any expert, conservative or liberal, and they will tell you the result will be companies will stop providing health care as an employee benefit. Fortune Magazine quotes one of their experts on the impact of McCain’s plan: “I predict that most companies would stop paying for health care in three to four years,” says Robert Laszewski, a consultant who works with corporate benefits managers.

Friggin Rethuglicans…god forbid they actually help the consumer instead of their pals in the healthcare industry. Thi bullshit plan will force families and individuals to find their own healthcare plans and forgo the usual discount offered to group plan participants. Fuck his tax credit too.. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation study the average cost a year for group plan coverage is…$11,765. McCain’s fucking tax credit wouldn’t even cover half of that.

Fuck me running..this is an outrage and he knows it. It’s a blatant ploy to make his buddies in the healthcare industry richer whilst screwing the living hell out of Americans.

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