10 homophobic AG’s weigh in.

I call them homophobic because, well….why the hell else would they get involved in Cali’s legal system? Huh? Come on, do you have another reason to cite?

Also, these 10 homophobic assholes are in states that don’t allow gay marriage because they have implemented laws against it. So, I rest my case. From Jurist:

Ten US state attorneys general have petitioned the Supreme Court of California to postpone implementation of its May 15 decision legalizing same-sex marriages until after state elections in November. California is slated to allow all same-sex couples, regardless of state citizenship, to wed in California, but each of the 10 petitioning states bans recognition of same-sex marriages. The attorneys general – from Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, South Carolina, South Dakota and Utah – wrote Thursday that if California starts issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples on June 17 as announced, many same-sex couples in their states would become “marriage tourists” in California and the states’ courts would then face unfair, extensive and burdensome litigation on whether to recognize the marriages. The AGs also joined conservative Christian legal advocacy group Alliance Defense Fund’s recent petition in saying that deciding the issue before California citizens vote in November on a likely proposed amendment to the California state constitution banning same-sex marriage could lead to legal havoc. Attorneys for the city and county of San Francisco have responded that a stay would mingle judicial and political processes and would deny rights based on a merely proposed state constitutional amendment. The New York Times has more. The San Francisco Chronicle has local coverage.

Recognition of California same-sex marriages is not universally opposed in other US jurisdictions. Earlier this month, one day before the California ruling, New York Governor David Paterson ordered that state agencies recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages as legal marriages in New York.

Friggin homophobes….I find this bullshit extremely unsettling. Hatred is never positive…its always negative and the rationale for this type of behavior is never ever logical.

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