KBR has electrocuted 13 soldiers in Iraq.

And yet, they are STILL an American Contractor in Iraq. WTF?????

Thirteen soldiers in Iraq have been electrocuted by the faulty wiring put up by the fuckwits at KBR..an AMERICAN CONTRACTOR.

How is this acceptable? It is criminal..if its anything people. As the Smirking Chimp labels it..its fucking murder. This isn’t just in Iraq..soldiers have been electrocuted in Afghanistan as well. From the Smirking Chimp writeup:

Sunday’s New York Times carried another story of lies, deception, and fraud that resulted in death by electrocution of at least twelve soldiers and marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. These deaths did not come while the soldiers were on patrol or by unexpected encounters with downed “hot” wires. These “accidents” happened in facilities used as base camps for U.S. units, camps that were to have been completely refurbished – including the wiring – under terms of a $30 billion no-bid contract awarded to the one-time Halliburton subsidiary KBR (formerly Kellogg-Brown-Root).

Our soldiers fight for their lives every single day in Iraq and Afghanistan and then die when taking a fucking shower? And no one is to blame? Fuck me running..that is total bullshit folks. Its bullshit at it’s finest..and yet no one..NO fucking ONE is being held liable for these dozen deaths.

The fact that KBR is still a fucking contractor just slays me. WTF does it take for our government to cut these bags of batshit loose?

When Halliburton cut loose KBR I figured there was a reason they would dump a profitable entity. Evidently they were paranoid about shit such as this ruining them. From the ABC writeup:

Maseth’s tragic death brings to 12 the number of soldiers who have died in Iraq due to accidental electrocution, according to Army and Marine e-mails obtained by Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif.

By comparison, there were 250 occupational fatalities due to electrocution among all workers in the United States in 2005, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Henry Waxman..you bastards have done little so far with your Democratic majority bullshit. You need to hold this fucking company accountable dude…get off you ass and do your job.

If you need something to personalize this loss..look at the picture in this post..that is someones son who died whilst taking a fucking shower after a hard day of trying to stay alive. Bitch and rant and rave for him. ok? Because this is total fucking bullshit folks..and yet we walk by and don’t say a thing.

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