Al Gore to speak tonight at Mile High, cost of moving venue to stadium tops 6 million.

Gore will be a featured speaker tonight at Invesco Field, along with Howie Dean.

As for the Big O’s acceptance speech, according to the NYT, he studied the acceptance speeches of Bill Clinton, Ronnie Reagan and of course JFK. The moving of the venue will cost someone or some group roughly Six Million. From the NYT writeup:

When a close circle of his top advisers presented Mr. Obama with $6 million plans to move his acceptance speech to the football stadium in early July, the candidate asked one question, said Anita Dunn, a senior strategist: “Will it rain?” The campaign produced a raft of meteorological data showing it had rained on Aug. 28 only once in 20 years. (Aides were alarmed, however, to arrive in Denver on Sunday to news of a nearby tornado. The weather reporters were predicting clear skies for Thursday night’s address.)

Six million would pay a lot of bills for folks hit hard by the outrageous price of gas in my humble, yet vocal opinion. It would help thousands of homeless veterans get their lives back on track too.

But the pomp and circumstance of the event is important to the Democratic leaders I guess..

On a side note, I am out of town and have had limited access to a computer…that will all change tomorrow thank Buddha. 😉


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