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Happy birthday Bri….

My one and only spawn turns another year older today.

I had him when I was 12. Ok, 15 then. Would you believe 25?

It was always a trip to do Halloween and his birthday together. Hard to get original when at least half the celebration involves traisping up and down streets with hoards of screaming short people everywhere you look.

The other mothers got a break…I took usually 8-10 curtain climbers that were purported to be my son’s friends tricking and then off to the cake and ice cream and presents extravaganza.

I don’t miss those friggin days..really. No, really.

Ok, maybe a little bit. ;p

But I am glad he lives in his own humble abode..honest to gawd!

Court ruling saves more voters right to cast a ballot.

As we all know, its a given that the Rethug’s will try, by any means necessary, to stop people who primarily vote “D” from voting.

With the most important election in my memory on the line, its vitally important for all votes to be counted, and for all voters to be able to exercise the right to vote. The ACLU has been working hard to that end. From Jurist:

The US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit on Wednesday upheld an injunction granted by a federal judge earlier this month ordering Michigan voting officials to reinstate on voter rolls the names of newly-registered voters whose voter registration cards were returned to the post office as undeliverable. The ACLU of Michigan had challenged the new Michigan state law, which permitted nullification of such voter registrations, on the grounds that it violated the 1993 National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), which sets forth conditions that must be met before an individual can be removed from voting rolls. In a 2-1 opinion, the Sixth Circuit agreed, holding:

[T]here has never been a determination [here] that the [removed] voters are ineligible….[T]he preliminary injunction is necessary to protect the individual voters of Michigan affected by the undeliverable-voter-ID-card practice….[It] ensures that each individual who has properly registered to vote but was removed due to an error that is out of his or her control will be able to case a ballot on election day.

The NVRA allows registered voters to remain on voter rolls for at least two federal elections after registration cards have been returned as undeliverable. AP has more.

I can’t handle the idea of another stolen election, it makes me crazy. I wrote earlier this week that thousands of attorneys will be stationed at polling places across America Tuesday. I like that. But we have to stay diligent and so does everyone else that believes in our country and the Constitution. This NYT article makes me crazy…laying out all the states so far that have had to deal with or attempted to steal our votes.

What jerks my chain is that the actual amount of illegal voting cases in the US is practically nil..none existant. The average number of cases of actual voting fraud are 8 people a year. In the whole U.S.

The Rethugs are pulling a wonderful hoax on us under the guise of making sure no one votes that shouldn’t. They are the ones stealing votes, not illegal voters.

And they do it, with a smile on their faces and waving the fucking flag.

Ted Stevens won’t be tossing in the towel..

In fact, he has stated unequivocally that he will continue to run and continue to serve his constituents, in spite of being  a convicted felon as of this week. Per TPM:

The so called “Lion of Alaska,” returned home yesterday to a rally in his honor in the airport that bears his name.

Approximately 500 supporters greeted Stevens with the chant “We trust you,” Anchorage Daily News reported.
Some attendees wore shirts bearing the slogan, “F*#@ the feds, vote for Ted.”
“Anyone who thinks you can get a fair trial in the heart of liberalism, Washington, D.C., is smoking dope. He was railroaded,” Mark Kelliher, a retired engineer told the ADN expressing the distrust many Alaskans place in “outsiders,” or non-Alaskans.
Members of Alaska’s political elite also attended, including Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who urged the crowd to get friends to work and vote for Stevens and joined the elder senator in a little jig on stage.
Of course the Senate can dump his ass if they want to…but I am not holding my breath on that happening. McCain at least has called for this asshat to step down…I give him props for that.  But seriously…the people of AK don’t mind a convicted felon representing them? One convicted of lying  and who is known to have ties to the guy that ratted out the state reps that are now on trial in the state of AK courts for accepting his bribes? 
Amazing to me…some folks just don’t mind anything that smells of corruption…as long as he brings home the pork. And Ted IS the king of pork. And the heart of liberalism is DC…lol..who knew? 😉

Mayor Kenneth Edwards busted stealing political lawn signs.

Bear in mind Mayor Kenneth Edwards states he did nothing wrong by removing the sign from someone else’s yard. From 5News:

Greenwood mayor accused of stealing campaign signs

5NEWS obtained the incident report filed by Greenwood police. In the report, the officer describes how someone driving behind a Toyota pickup claimed he saw that truck pull up to a house at Ware Road and Highway 10. The witness told officers the passenger got out and grabbed something next to the carport. The item in question was reportedly a “Vote no to extend the city sales tax” Sign.

The officer stopped the truck that had no license plate and he says that’s when he realized the passenger was Greenwood Mayor Ken Edwards. The officer called the police department to get instructions on what to do next since the mayor was involved.

The Sebastian County Sheriff’s Department was called in and the driver, Gordon Griffith, also of Greenwood, was given a field sobriety test, which he passed. Both men were released.

Someone in the comments actually calls the Mayor a terrorist for his actions..LMAO! Both the Mayor and the commenter are idiots and obviously wingtards of the highest order.
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What we need now is an intelligent President, not a former POW.

This post goes to the idea that Palin is a fucking idiot that couldn’t finish college without transferring four times, yet thinks she can run our nation. And a journalism degree doesn’t prepare you to guide a nation through the shittiest times we have ever seen in our countrie’s history.

That, my friends, is complete and utter bullshit.

If we were not in two wars that are bankrupting our nation and a financial mess that rivals the Great Depression, perhaps your degree wouldn’t make any difference Ms. Palin. But this election it does.

And your running mates lack of knowledge in the area of economics doesn’t make me feel any better either. He has shown us that the people he relies on most are lobbyists that support the big corporations and the top one percent of our nation.

That ain’t gonna cut it when millions upon millions of us are barely eeking out a living and have to decide between keeping the house warm this winter and buying food that keeps rising in cost every single fucking week.

I want a President that will listen to all sides of an arguement. I want a President that is well read and worked hard to get to where he is…not someone that leaned on his daddy and granddaddys laurels to get into a military academy and then sucked majorly, finishing at the bottom of his class.

This time mutha fuckas, we need a smart President..and it ain’t John Sidney McCain the Third..nope, it aint.

You can watch Obama’s 30 minute infomercial here. It is quite well done I think and almost a million people have watched it online already. That should tell us something…good! 😉