Mayor Kenneth Edwards busted stealing political lawn signs.

Bear in mind Mayor Kenneth Edwards states he did nothing wrong by removing the sign from someone else’s yard. From 5News:

Greenwood mayor accused of stealing campaign signs

5NEWS obtained the incident report filed by Greenwood police. In the report, the officer describes how someone driving behind a Toyota pickup claimed he saw that truck pull up to a house at Ware Road and Highway 10. The witness told officers the passenger got out and grabbed something next to the carport. The item in question was reportedly a “Vote no to extend the city sales tax” Sign.

The officer stopped the truck that had no license plate and he says that’s when he realized the passenger was Greenwood Mayor Ken Edwards. The officer called the police department to get instructions on what to do next since the mayor was involved.

The Sebastian County Sheriff’s Department was called in and the driver, Gordon Griffith, also of Greenwood, was given a field sobriety test, which he passed. Both men were released.

Someone in the comments actually calls the Mayor a terrorist for his actions..LMAO! Both the Mayor and the commenter are idiots and obviously wingtards of the highest order.
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