Statue of Limitations expired on Bush’s wiretapping Americans

FISA you see… has a standard 5-year statute of limitation.

Now, he and his cronies will be able to breathe easier on this front.

And that is wrong, so wrong on every friggin level.

Emptywheel has a good writeup on it, a small blurb from it:

Now, as it happens, a District Court Judge may have or may be about to judge whether or not that wiretapping was illegal. I’m referring, of course, to the al-Haramain suit currently before Vaughn Walker. The last known development in that suit came eleven days ago, when the 9th Circuit ruled that Walker should review the wiretap log to determine whether it shows that al-Haramain is an aggrieved party (meaning they were wiretapped illegally), and when the Obama Administration corrected “inaccurate” information on the wiretap program probably submitted three years ago. Since then, nothing has appeared in the docket for the case.

The absence of any activity in the docket could mean one of two things. First, Vaughn Walker may still be reviewing all the new information he received on February 27–the four new declarations about the program–as well as the rather astonishing OLC opinions revealed last Monday. In other words, by flooding Walker with new information, the Obama Administration may have prevented Walker from ruling quickly on whether the al-Haramain wiretapping was legal until after the statute of limitations expire. He may still be wading through new legal issues that go beyond those raised by the wiretap log itself.

Or, it’s possible that Vaughn Walker has already ruled. As I pointed out over the weekend, the Obama Administration requested that Judge Walker show them in his order before he publishes it to the docket so they can conduct a classification review and decide whether to appeal his decision.

Accordingly, the Government respectfully proposes that the Court utilize the following procedures. First, if the Court proceeds on an ex parte, in camera basis to review the Sealed Document in order to address the issue of standing, then regardless of how the Court would then intend to rule, the Government requests that the Court provide notice to the Government of any order it would place on the public record, so that the Government may conduct a classification review and determine whether to appeal before any information over which the Government claims privilege is disclosed to the public.

Of all the crimes committed by BushCo, this one affected or had the ability to affect, all Americans.

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